Temple of Spies http://bit.ly/2sLMYsu+
The Dragon’s Cave http://bit.ly/2tgEPQ1+
Supernatural Seductions http://bit.ly/YzAy8y+
The Wild Hunt http://bit.ly/2nV1IYq+
Surviving the Evacuation: London http://bit.ly/1p2NCs4+
Must Be Murder http://bit.ly/2upmYow+
Mail Order Bride – A Bride for Carlton http://bit.ly/2cmOniC+
Brooke: Wagers Gone Awry http://bit.ly/2uJX1zk+
Fugitive http://bit.ly/2twfF0K+
Beachcomber Reckoning http://bit.ly/2sBUndH+
The Death of Distant Stars, A Legal Thriller http://bit.ly/2fRrFAN+