3rd April 2020

Court of Savages https://bit.ly/3dRguWw+
Independence https://bit.ly/2JDv4Tz+
Hidden in Plain Sight: Realizing the Full Potential of Middle Leaders https://bit.ly/347DXOw+

2nd April 2020

The Hawaii Job https://bit.ly/2X3LQTS+
Changing World: Origin https://bit.ly/3bOZVsp+

1st April 2020

Dating the Irish Boss https://bit.ly/3dIUvkl+
Witch of the Wild Beasts https://bit.ly/2JAL34x+
A Hollywood Accounting https://bit.ly/2JrzLQi+

31st March 2020

RED HOPE: 5th Anniversary Edition https://bit.ly/3bDwJV1+
Crossing the Line: A Boss-Employee/Enemy to Lovers/Billionaire Romance (It’s Complicated Book 1) https://bit.ly/2WY3IPY+
S is for Second Chance https://bit.ly/2UwBRVb+
Nicky’s Fire https://bit.ly/2UvSgcz+
Unlocking the Cage https://bit.ly/39y7SQW+

30th March 2020

I Fear No Evil Complete Series Omnibus https://bit.ly/2UQ7kRr+
Love Triangle: Six Books of Torn Desire https://bit.ly/2wMsV57+

29th March 2020

The Case of the Wayward Witch (A Katy Kramer Cozy Mystery No. 1) https://bit.ly/33SWWMJ+
Bernard’s Promise https://bit.ly/39q6tfw+

27th March 2020

Hidden in Plain Sight: Realizing the Full Potential of Middle Leaders https://bit.ly/2wGyJNw+

26th March 2020

Wolf of the Tesseract https://bit.ly/33OOs9x+
Blood Vows https://bit.ly/2UmoUNy+
Night’s Caress https://bit.ly/2UR1Q95+
Destroyer of Planets Book 1 of the Neon Octopus Overlord Series https://bit.ly/2Uzp8js+
Fine, Thanks https://bit.ly/39hXMUh+

25th March 2020

Deliverance from Stupidparty Land: How to Eradicate the Destructive Forces Destroying American Democracy https://bit.ly/2y9BKGz+
Saved from the Cult https://bit.ly/2WJhuWy+
Dating My Brother’s Best Friend https://bit.ly/2wtLbjI+
Kissed by a Cowboy https://bit.ly/2wsKCXr+
SETH: Le Beau Series https://bit.ly/2JbEzJm+
Krimson Run: A Galactic Race for Justice (Krimson Empire Book 1) https://bit.ly/3aicgoF+
You Can Invest Like a Stock Market Pro https://bit.ly/2QHBOUs+