9th August 2020

Escape to Osprey Cove https://cutt.ly/CdNyGKR-stats
Ashes: A Sword & Sorcery Novel https://cutt.ly/KdNyG5l-stats
Building Bridges https://cutt.ly/KdNyHRL-stats
Asterion Noir: The Complete Collection https://cutt.ly/fdNyHXw-stats
Phantom Limb https://cutt.ly/4dNyJuK-stats
Come Down Under https://cutt.ly/2dNyJAo-stats

8th August 2020

Seductive Signals https://cutt.ly/ldVgCPm-stats
Curse of the Vampire https://cutt.ly/0dVgB1Z-stats
Dragon Approved Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/1dVgMXL-stats
Ruined https://cutt.ly/3dVg0S6-stats
Guardians of Magic https://cutt.ly/jdVg9zR-stats

7th August 2020

School of Necessary Magic Full Boxed Set – Alison Brownstone https://cutt.ly/5dJdjdW-stats
I am a Runner: The Memoirs of a Sepsis Survivor https://cutt.ly/mdJdlnl-stats
Air Force Hero https://cutt.ly/tdJdxC9-stats
Flashbacks an unreliable memoir of the 60s https://cutt.ly/cdJdbQS-stats
Of the Blood (Heir of Blood and Fire Book 1) https://cutt.ly/MdJdmG0-stats
The Sylvalla Chronicles https://cutt.ly/jdJdWLg-stats
Cowboy Brothers of Rainbow Canyon https://cutt.ly/WduwbTW-stats

6th August 2020

The Girl in the Rabbit Hole https://cutt.ly/BdS2deF-stats
Sins in Blue https://cutt.ly/IdS2gp8-stats
The Adulterer’s Handbook: A Novel https://cutt.ly/7dS2jaA-stats
Bloodlust: A Dark Paranormal Erotic Thriller https://cutt.ly/pdS2lk4-stats

5th August 2020

Common Sense Investing With Stock Screeners https://cutt.ly/MdIRCJA-stats

4th August 2020

Presidential Advantage: Operation First Lady: Romantic Thriller 2020 https://cutt.ly/JdRLwQM-stats
Dawn of Destiny https://cutt.ly/LdRLtum-stats
The Pragmatist’s Guide to Sexuality https://cutt.ly/udRLuUA-stats
Recast: The Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Practical Guide to Getting Started With an Online Business https://cutt.ly/odRLp4O-stats
The Girl Most Likely https://cutt.ly/5dRLfbq-stats
Take Me Back https://cutt.ly/YdRLkow-stats
Another Six-Pack: Six More Steamy Love Stories https://cutt.ly/qdRLvpg-stats

2nd August 2020

The Knower of Truths https://cutt.ly/UdjODbB-stats

1st August 2020

Cowboy Brothers of Rainbow Canyon https://cutt.ly/WduwbTW-stats

31st July 2020

Fun Stories Greatest Hits https://cutt.ly/Zs5b4I6-stats
Royal by Blood https://cutt.ly/Js5nep4-stats
Druid Arcane https://cutt.ly/hs5nuJH-stats
Whispers Among The Prairie https://cutt.ly/vs5nhUV-stats
The Frights of Fiji https://cutt.ly/Bs5nxUf-stats
Cowboy’s Bride https://cutt.ly/Ps5nmuP-stats
Casting in Stone https://cutt.ly/js5nTu5-stats
On the Mend https://cutt.ly/5s5nOI8-stats

30th July 2020

Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set One: Books 1-7 https://cutt.ly/vs0UFkj-stats
Exploration https://cutt.ly/Bs0ULLM-stats
Chasing Charlie https://cutt.ly/Os0UVyK-stats