Book Title Tracking Link
Justice https://cutt.ly/ojIqf5j-stats
Thinblade https://cutt.ly/yjIqhi8-stats
Scions of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/QjIqjvG-stats
Friends to Lovers Romance: A Sweet Box Set https://cutt.ly/rjIqkU7-stats
Just eat the worm https://cutt.ly/rjIql47-stats
Servant of the Crown https://cutt.ly/GjIqxjv-stats
Totally Spooked: A Shifter Speed Dating Romance https://cutt.ly/PjIqcMr-stats
Throw Like a Girl https://cutt.ly/ijIqv8F-stats
Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection https://cutt.ly/YjIqb2z-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Sword of Betrayal: Warrior’s Claim ~ Book 1 https://cutt.ly/0jY1Qcw-stats
Cage of Glass https://cutt.ly/9jY1W2a-stats
1000 YEARS OF TALKS WITH GOD: Science and Methuselah Speak! https://cutt.ly/wjY1RLS-stats
Echoes of Change https://cutt.ly/WjY1YCz-stats
Nicklas https://cutt.ly/XjY1IGn-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Allure of the Vampire King https://cutt.ly/ljTcwh4-stats
Blue Gowanus https://cutt.ly/ijTcrKd-stats
Mood Cafe 3 – Shelby & Zach https://cutt.ly/1jTcyBI-stats
Mary’s Song: A Pride & Prejudice Variation https://cutt.ly/HjTcoig-stats
Stone of Destiny https://cutt.ly/gjTcaIC-stats
Taken, Awoke, Reborn https://cutt.ly/ujTcfqR-stats
Loss Of Reason https://cutt.ly/0jTchdu-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Happily Ever After: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/vjRY2H7-stats
Barrack Five: A Holocaust Story (Book 1 of the Barracks Series) https://cutt.ly/PjRY70l-stats
Love Letters From Dresden https://cutt.ly/jjRUeBs-stats
The Island House https://cutt.ly/rjRUoGq-stats
Jilted https://cutt.ly/NjRUf9a-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Moored Heart (Catalina Dreams Book 1) https://cutt.ly/OjQa7kV-stats
Rise of the Morrigan https://cutt.ly/WjQa6t5-stats
Right Under My Nose #1 https://cutt.ly/qjQsq4K-stats
Making her Melt https://cutt.ly/ZjQseHt-stats
Heavy https://cutt.ly/ejQsthZ-stats
Struck https://cutt.ly/ujQsyH0-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Turing Test, a Tale of Artificial Intelligence and Malevolence (Frank Adversego Thrillers Book 4) https://cutt.ly/JjnqXnq-stats
Renegade Magic https://cutt.ly/QjnqVaa-stats
Beyond the Forest https://cutt.ly/5jnqNpI-stats
Indecorum https://cutt.ly/YjnqM6O-stats
Align & Achieve https://cutt.ly/Njnq2fU-stats
Broken and Beautiful: NINE Book Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/Cjnq3pV-stats
The Wives of Isabella Danger https://cutt.ly/Wjnq8Z0-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Happily Ever After: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/ajvVADw-stats
Wings of Fire https://cutt.ly/ljvVKpk-stats
Sinners & Saints: A Collection of Romantic Interludes https://cutt.ly/BjvVVHM-stats
Saved from the Cult https://cutt.ly/cjvV1QM-stats
Kid Friendly Pranks: 250 Wholesome and Easy Pranks, Gags, and Practical Jokes For Kids https://cutt.ly/gjvV8zh-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Sinners & Saints – A Collection of Romantic Interludes https://cutt.ly/6jcfXGm-stats
The Tin Man (Inner Circle #1) : Enemies to Lovers Dark Romance Thriller https://cutt.ly/JjcfNUT-stats
Etheric Adventures Boxed Set: Books 1-3 https://cutt.ly/Zjcf0CK-stats
Federal Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/ejcf3BL-stats
Don’t Let Go https://cutt.ly/9jcf5r3-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
One Hundred Excuses https://cutt.ly/qjxwZ0W-stats
Forever Friend Zoned https://cutt.ly/wjxwVCU-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Wings of Fire https://cutt.ly/zjlB3cZ-stats
One Fine Mess https://cutt.ly/RjlB4y7-stats
Callum: McLaughlin Brothers Book One https://cutt.ly/PjlB5S1-stats
Once Upon A Dream https://cutt.ly/QjlNwse-stats