27th September 2020

Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 1 https://cutt.ly/Rf1RNLZ-stats
Quadruplets for the Mountain Man https://cutt.ly/sf1RN9d-stats
Lucky Brilliant https://cutt.ly/uf1RMwA-stats

26th September 2020

Anything for You https://cutt.ly/WfN1710-stats
An Indecent Proposition https://cutt.ly/CfN13DC-stats
Violet Skies https://cutt.ly/ufN136W-stats

24th September 2020

The Sacrifice https://cutt.ly/wfVVvTI-stats
Gates of Eden: The Druid Legacy (Books 1-3) https://cutt.ly/CfVVbc0-stats
Never Gonna Happen https://cutt.ly/SfVVnoO-stats
The Japanese Part of Me https://cutt.ly/ffVVn9J-stats
Anna’s Lullaby https://cutt.ly/ifVVmSH-stats

23rd September 2020

Special Agent Sophia https://cutt.ly/efChwgK-stats
A Perfect Mess https://cutt.ly/tfChwLa-stats

22nd September 2020

Call of the Wolves: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Shapeshifter Romance (Call of the Wolf Book 1) https://cutt.ly/afZ4g6T-stats
Bitter Aries https://cutt.ly/hfZ4bod-stats
Fake It For Me https://cutt.ly/DfZ4mpm-stats
The $3 Million Dollar Turnover https://cutt.ly/gfZ4WlQ-stats
Pretty Broken Hearts https://cutt.ly/DfZ4Ed1-stats
The Awakening (Book 1) https://cutt.ly/tfZ4Rre-stats

21st September 2020

Sinners & Saints – A Collection of Romantic Interludes https://cutt.ly/qfK76jL-stats
The Uncommon Rider https://cutt.ly/CfK5qhB-stats

20th September 2020

Hands of the Colossus https://cutt.ly/EfJOAq8-stats
Heir of Darkness https://cutt.ly/xfJOAvQ-stats
Take Me Out the Back https://cutt.ly/NfJOAG1-stats
Need You Now https://cutt.ly/IfJOSrG-stats

19th September 2020

Crimes of Fire https://cutt.ly/SfHLOTd-stats
Rise of the Draman https://cutt.ly/AfHLO17-stats
Watching https://cutt.ly/jfHLPhC-stats
Darby: Ghost Mountain Ranch https://cutt.ly/lfHLPFn-stats
Becoming American https://cutt.ly/yfHLAe6-stats
The Princess Trials https://cutt.ly/hfHLAWB-stats
Rinse and Repet https://cutt.ly/kfHLAVv-stats

18th September 2020

Camelot Crumbles https://cutt.ly/EfGDP1w-stats
China Bohannon: The Complete Series https://cutt.ly/9fGDLYF-stats
Treasure Hunting Mysteries https://cutt.ly/wfGDZeB-stats
Suitcases and Shadows https://cutt.ly/yfGDZRh-stats
Dead Boys Don’t Cry https://cutt.ly/5fGDCB9-stats
Sinful Secrets https://cutt.ly/hfGDVhq-stats

17th September 2020

Secret Legacy https://cutt.ly/JfFbdUS-stats
Unlocking Dreams https://cutt.ly/SfFbfri-stats
Pick Me, Handsome https://cutt.ly/DfFbfni-stats
Windstorm https://cutt.ly/ZfFbfJO-stats
Dark Fairy Tales https://cutt.ly/rfFbgaZ-stats