Book Title Tracking Link
Perfect Alpha https://cutt.ly/KIL4kFz-stats
APOCALYPSE ONLINE 2: A Post-Apocalypse Litrpg Adventure https://cutt.ly/nIL4vZO-stats
Mars Colony Chronicles (Books 1 – 5): A Space Opera Box Set Adventure https://cutt.ly/mIL4Qif-stats
Teach Me New Tricks https://cutt.ly/uIL4Er2-stats
A Perfect Mess https://cutt.ly/jIL4UsK-stats
Music is Not Bound by Time, Song for a Lost Kingdom, Book I https://cutt.ly/oIL4P9z-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Entwined Fates: Twisted Curse Series Book Two https://cutt.ly/BIHlU7G-stats
We Must Save Jepson! https://cutt.ly/dIHyChk-stats
Secrets and Lies https://cutt.ly/mIHyN7G-stats
Shake It Off Leadership https://cutt.ly/vIHy2a4-stats
Kiss Me https://cutt.ly/mIHy315-stats
The Crimson Elite https://cutt.ly/5IHy5gy-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Someone Savage https://cutt.ly/yIAVD04-stats
Blood Born https://cutt.ly/IIAVH3z-stats
One Fine Mess https://cutt.ly/bIAVZxt-stats
When Sleeping Giants Wake https://cutt.ly/pIAVV4d-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Fumbled https://cutt.ly/nIYE359-stats
Take My Time https://cutt.ly/GIYE780-stats
No Title for Heartbreak: 66 devotions to uncover the light within heartbreak. https://cutt.ly/QIYRwqz-stats
Taboo Daddies https://cutt.ly/BIYRrEa-stats
Sanctum: Sands of Setesh https://cutt.ly/rIYRule-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Kurtherian Endgame Boxed Set: Books 1 – 4 https://cutt.ly/fIW6i1Y-stats
Diplomatic Recruit https://cutt.ly/hIW6s7E-stats
Imp Series Box Set, Books 1-3 https://cutt.ly/hIW6f8i-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Boxed In https://cutt.ly/IInppHt-stats
Protecting What’s Mine https://cutt.ly/1Inpdai-stats
Fixing The Future https://cutt.ly/4InpgdC-stats
Creating Clarity in Everyday Chaos https://cutt.ly/VInpjAj-stats
Plus One Plus None https://cutt.ly/PInpze6-stats
Cowboy Dragon’s Brave Blind Date https://cutt.ly/iInpvl5-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Mortal Curse https://cutt.ly/GIcyLjf-stats
Cracked Altar: St. Andrew’s https://cutt.ly/WIcyXk5-stats
B is for Brett https://cutt.ly/2IcyVZc-stats
Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Series Book 1) https://cutt.ly/OIcyNAD-stats
Men of the North Box-set 1-5 https://cutt.ly/0Icy1ax-stats
Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor https://cutt.ly/mIcWXfM-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Hunting Season https://cutt.ly/jIlEIsL-stats
Touchdown Baby https://cutt.ly/YIlY0Rt-stats
Graves’ Anatomy https://cutt.ly/FIlESFC-stats
Lady Spy https://cutt.ly/CIlEFGY-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Secret of Poppyridge Cove https://cutt.ly/fIhmlAH-stats
The Marquis’ Daughters: In the Shadow of the Guillotine https://cutt.ly/XIhmxQi-stats
Desire After Dark : A Contemporary Romance Anthology https://cutt.ly/fIhmc2a-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Another Day, Another Partner https://cutt.ly/mIsXkez-stats
Pretty Broken Girl https://cutt.ly/IIsFxWY-stats