27th November 2020

Love in a Blizzard https://cutt.ly/ghfKLqR-stats
Don’t You Want Me? https://cutt.ly/2hfKL5n-stats
Killing The Girl https://cutt.ly/jhfKZNQ-stats
Some Laneys Died https://cutt.ly/xhfKVz9-stats
The American Strangler https://cutt.ly/PhfKVVX-stats
Mickey’s Baby https://cutt.ly/3hfKBnX-stats

26th November 2020

Webley and The World Machine https://cutt.ly/rhdPhE7-stats
Bones of the Witch https://cutt.ly/phdPjMo-stats
Getting Lucky https://cutt.ly/DhdPk8O-stats

25th November 2020

A Baby’s Right to Choose https://cutt.ly/Dha2EV3-stats
Mad Dog https://cutt.ly/jha2RBB-stats
Ben the Dragonborn https://cutt.ly/dhstUSS-stats

24th November 2020

Judge, Jury, & Executioner Boxed Set (Books 1 – 4) https://cutt.ly/4hpkyGW-stats
The Tempting of a Devilish Lord https://cutt.ly/qhpkuJM-stats
Fury of the Scorned https://cutt.ly/ShpkiML-stats

22nd November 2020

Millionaire Best Friend https://cutt.ly/HhybU8X-stats
The Upper Crust Box Set Books 1-4 (Upper Crust Series) https://cutt.ly/mhyyOGW-stats
Curve Negotiation https://cutt.ly/0hyyAlf-stats

21st November 2020

Eternal Curse https://cutt.ly/Ihr4IaB-stats
The Doyles Complete Series https://cutt.ly/Thr4IHC-stats
Population https://cutt.ly/Zhr4OkX-stats
Second Chance for the Mountain Man https://cutt.ly/mhr4O2R-stats

20th November 2020

A Soldier’s Seduction https://cutt.ly/6heSg6L-stats
The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life: A Guide to Creating Your Own Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions https://cutt.ly/6heSjqc-stats

19th November 2020

Slippery Slopes (Snow Club) https://cutt.ly/xhq43Us-stats
Tell Me No Lies https://cutt.ly/Rhq48kO-stats
Holly Jolly Lycan Christmas https://cutt.ly/Zhq481P-stats

18th November 2020

Graves’ Anatomy https://cutt.ly/ug6xv6f-stats
On the Mend https://cutt.ly/Ag6xmsM-stats
Stone of Destiny https://cutt.ly/Wg6xWdO-stats
The Third Call https://cutt.ly/bg6xRsO-stats

17th November 2020

Never Split The Party https://cutt.ly/Jg7aH78-stats
A Simon Grave Mystery Trio https://cutt.ly/Bg7aKH2-stats
All I Want for Christmas: A Limited Edition Collection of Winter & Holiday Romances https://cutt.ly/Mg7aZjO-stats
TumbleStar https://cutt.ly/6g7aCaR-stats