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The Hunter’s Quarry https://cutt.ly/FwArs94K-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
A Hamburger Christmas (A Detectives Daniels and Remalla Holiday Novella) https://cutt.ly/0wP0TfTW-stats
Snowed In: A Hydra Productions Online Holiday Collection https://cutt.ly/vwP0TOp8-stats
Messing Psychic Academy Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/jwP0T3GM-stats
Special Agent Sophia https://cutt.ly/CwP3meTn-stats
Northern Wolf (Northern Wolf Series Book 1) https://cutt.ly/CwP0YFBU-stats
At Trails End: Homecoming https://cutt.ly/WwP0UqW8-stats


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Passports and Parasites: An Extraordinary Journey of Adventure, Resilience, and Healing https://cutt.ly/swPJoJak-stats
Escaping The Draft Book 1: Will these teenage billionaires escape the WW3 draft? https://cutt.ly/GwPJprqY-stats
Condemnation (Substation 7: Book 1) https://cutt.ly/WwPJpQbH-stats
Snowed In With You: A Later in Life Novelette https://cutt.ly/JwPJpBfq-stats


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Any Fin For Love https://cutt.ly/pwPRmWXV-stats
Unforgettable Christmas Wonders https://cutt.ly/zwPRmVaS-stats
Foot Soldier in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Memoir https://cutt.ly/zwPRQif3-stats
60 Stories in 90 Days: Share Your Stories And Stregthen Your Family https://cutt.ly/pwPRQYK0-stats


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The Shards of Etherious: Arisen https://cutt.ly/BwPzqZE3-stats
All For Love https://cutt.ly/EwPzqMzI-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Tegen Cave https://cutt.ly/CwPzjRHf-stats
The Pawn https://cutt.ly/lwPzjSjI-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Going All In https://cutt.ly/YwO34Nkl-stats
Defying Odds: Empowered through Adversities: From a Teenage Single Mother of Two to a Thriving Career Woman https://cutt.ly/EwO37e1Q-stats
Babies For The Rockstar Daddies https://cutt.ly/bwO37hR6-stats
Tegen Alliance https://cutt.ly/jwO37RmU-stats
My Mother’s Friend https://cutt.ly/mwO37XZv-stats


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Rescuing Reeve https://cutt.ly/EwOBrpq9-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Patriot Oath https://cutt.ly/wwOPL1Vx-stats
Hot Set https://cutt.ly/GwOPPwMh-stats
A Roguish Christmas: A Holiday Romance Collection https://cutt.ly/JwOPPcQP-stats
City of Whispers https://cutt.ly/iwOPPVym-stats
Maze of Deceit: A Short Story https://cutt.ly/XwOPAe8H-stats
Daaddy Wolf’s Forbidden Doctor https://cutt.ly/KwOPAc1T-stats


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First Cut (The Family or Foe Saga with Detectives Daniels and Remalla Book One) https://cutt.ly/jwOvoA9Q-stats
Tides of Gafforah https://cutt.ly/EwOvo2m4-stats
Cambion’s Law https://cutt.ly/6wOvpsLK-stats