Book Title Tracking Link
The Operator (Ian Bragg #1) https://cutt.ly/YT1f3Ya-stats
The Gift Saga Trilogy Box Set https://cutt.ly/JT1f8ZX-stats
Shields in Shadow (The Silent Champions Book 1) https://cutt.ly/jT1f7wp-stats
The Golden Age https://cutt.ly/FT1zrY8-stats
Seduction https://cutt.ly/UT1gqrJ-stats
The Child of Chaos https://cutt.ly/mT1gwEB-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Killer Unleashed: The Wesport Mysteries – Chloe https://cutt.ly/VTBhhdl-stats
Mind of the Minotaur: Tower Seed https://cutt.ly/vTBhjSp-stats
Junkyard Druid Books 1-4: An Urban Fantasy Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/NTBhldY-stats
Demon King https://cutt.ly/ZTBhxcv-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Metamorphosis Online Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/NTXCDq6-stats
The Angelic Realm https://cutt.ly/UTXCFSU-stats
Someone Else’s Shoes https://cutt.ly/sTXCHGW-stats
Truth’s Daughter (A Memoir) https://cutt.ly/MTXCKQx-stats
Holiday Hotel https://cutt.ly/nTXCZd0-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Devil You Hate https://cutt.ly/3TK2WVs-stats
The Highlander’s Secret https://cutt.ly/ETK2RjG-stats
Step-Santa https://cutt.ly/FTK2TNv-stats
How to Write a Book: A Book for Anyone Who Has Never Written a Book (But Wants To) https://cutt.ly/gTK2Uy4-stats
Fae Away https://cutt.ly/hTK2IGX-stats
Final Life https://cutt.ly/OTK2PVw-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Forgotten Gods Omnibus (Books 1-8) https://cutt.ly/sTG30Nq-stats
The Patriot Oath https://cutt.ly/4TG39eD-stats
Allure of the Vampire King https://cutt.ly/0TG33fu-stats
The Index of Alkeme https://cutt.ly/pTG34hE-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Mountain Of Fangs https://cutt.ly/ZTDUwqh-stats
Mauve Alert (or ‘Ava Birchcroft Saves the World and Gets Very Little Thanks For It’) https://cutt.ly/9TDUeN2-stats
Forever After https://cutt.ly/4TDUtAt-stats
Big Bad Bodyguard https://cutt.ly/sTDUuiW-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The America You Didn’t Know https://cutt.ly/dTAwQw9-stats
Scam A-Lama Ding Dong: A Funny, Noir Rock Star Rip-Off https://cutt.ly/NTAwWil-stats
Adam Undercover, The Presidium Files https://cutt.ly/eTAwEiz-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
In Due Time https://cutt.ly/JTIR8Fs-stats
Holiday Terminal https://cutt.ly/OTIR7Ls-stats
Escape to Osprey Cove https://cutt.ly/vTIR6Z7-stats
Charming https://cutt.ly/GTITwkq-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Naughty List https://cutt.ly/STTF14o-stats
Death on the Line https://cutt.ly/cTTF20U-stats
Last of the Nighthawks https://cutt.ly/8TTF3ds-stats
Eye of the Moon https://cutt.ly/2TTF4qJ-stats
Fall for Me https://cutt.ly/wTTF5lQ-stats
Doctor Lucky Charms https://cutt.ly/mTTGqjE-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Stone Magic https://cutt.ly/KTEANoK-stats
Reclaimer: Proving Grounds https://cutt.ly/yTEA1gP-stats
Reclaimer: The Crucible https://cutt.ly/9TEA0H0-stats
Abram https://cutt.ly/5TEA2MS-stats
Just a Kiss https://cutt.ly/GTEA3ib-stats
Off Trail https://cutt.ly/TTEA8HB-stats