27th October 2020

Blood Demon https://cutt.ly/3gWL91L-stats
Wicked Love https://cutt.ly/xgWL3ZI-stats
Blood Ex Libris https://cutt.ly/mgWL4Es-stats
Stupidparty Math v. Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy https://cutt.ly/PgWL5kY-stats
Follow You Anywhere https://cutt.ly/xgWL6hh-stats
The Garden at the Edge of Beyond https://cutt.ly/UgWZwtW-stats
Kartega https://cutt.ly/HgWZw7Y-stats
Dating My Best Friend https://cutt.ly/SgWZe0c-stats

26th October 2020

Escape The Deep https://cutt.ly/ggQulUh-stats
Tomboys Don’t Love Christmas https://cutt.ly/FgQuzcl-stats
Damned https://cutt.ly/jgQuxhA-stats
Positive Toddler Discipline https://cutt.ly/JgQux3v-stats
Maybe It’s Fate https://cutt.ly/UgQucLj-stats

24th October 2020

That Handsome Stranger https://cutt.ly/wgbLL9t-stats
The White Hand: A Rutherford Manor Novel https://cutt.ly/sgbLZYH-stats
The Christmas Heist https://cutt.ly/ogbLXuc-stats

23rd October 2020

Bloody Hell https://cutt.ly/hgvJdey-stats
Lou Prophet: The Complete Series, Volume 2 https://cutt.ly/EgvKR8f-stats
His To Ravage https://cutt.ly/KgvKT4u-stats
Sleeping With the Enemy https://cutt.ly/mgvKYLH-stats
An American legacy https://cutt.ly/qgvKUL4-stats
Child of Emptiness https://cutt.ly/EgvKIfZ-stats

22nd October 2020

Sabrina’s Storm https://cutt.ly/jgcvhWP-stats
Kate’s Lake https://cutt.ly/7gcvjPr-stats

21st October 2020

Special Agent Francesca https://cutt.ly/jgxlxUn-stats
Triton https://cutt.ly/Kgxcbtr-stats
The Invasion of Evil King COVID-19: Baby and the Pandemic: Who Stole My World? https://cutt.ly/kgxlvP3-stats
The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose https://cutt.ly/8gxlbdr-stats

20th October 2020

The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Omnibus 4 (books 19-22) https://cutt.ly/igzwUf1-stats
The Brotherhood of Merlin https://cutt.ly/jgzwUVv-stats
Eliminate Your Debt https://cutt.ly/wgzwInO-stats
Haunted by Her Curves https://cutt.ly/mgzwOrj-stats
Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!: Cradle of Communism to Catacomb of Capitalism https://cutt.ly/tgzwOJA-stats
Royal Alien Mate https://cutt.ly/2gzwPbe-stats
The Devil You Know: A Fiction-Atlas Anti-Hero Anthology https://cutt.ly/ggzwAtu-stats
Stay A Little Longer https://cutt.ly/kgzwALn-stats
Ricolda (Clans Isken And Utbek Book 2) https://cutt.ly/8gzwSsr-stats
Last Bite https://cutt.ly/ggzwDFd-stats

19th October 2020

Who’s the Fairest? A Sisters Grimm Anthology https://cutt.ly/qgkRzxi-stats
Ghost Galaxy Omnibus https://cutt.ly/agkRxdt-stats
The Sorcery Trial https://cutt.ly/dgkRxXu-stats
Irresistible Billionaires Boxed Set: Books 1-4 https://cutt.ly/sgkRcnn-stats
Say You Love Me https://cutt.ly/OgkRc0S-stats
Requiem for the Dead https://cutt.ly/UgkRvjS-stats
The Secret Life https://cutt.ly/ngkRvH8-stats

18th October 2020

The Russian Renaissance https://cutt.ly/9gjh0eo-stats
Widow’s Eye of Fear https://cutt.ly/tgjh2mV-stats
Finding Mr. Write https://cutt.ly/Dgjh983-stats

17th October 2020

The Late Shift https://cutt.ly/XghYF0B-stats
Potions, Poisons, and Peril https://cutt.ly/sghT3YO-stats
RUINED https://cutt.ly/aghT8TA-stats
Remarkable Advent https://cutt.ly/lghT4D7-stats