6th July 2020

Initiate https://cutt.ly/8oFItWp-stats
Barren Waters https://cutt.ly/RoFIpIk-stats
Marry Me For Money https://cutt.ly/boFIhd4-stats
Outta My League https://cutt.ly/DoFIx5n-stats

5th July 2020

The Lost Breed MC Box Set https://cutt.ly/QoUCXwp-stats

4th July 2020

Waking Magic https://cutt.ly/roWvRYJ-stats
Release of Magic https://cutt.ly/CoWvItg-stats
Protection of Magic https://cutt.ly/aoWvAqZ-stats
Sinful Secrets https://cutt.ly/YoWvDXL-stats
Torched: Summer of ’64 https://cutt.ly/0oWvHNH-stats

3rd July 2020

Another Vice https://cutt.ly/KoxtcRx-stats
The Eighth Excalibur https://cutt.ly/AoxtbUG-stats
Syndrome https://cutt.ly/Moxtmj1-stats
Management Practices of Successful CEOs: Memoir of a Psychological Consultant to Management https://cutt.ly/hoxtWmV-stats
(un)changing education https://cutt.ly/coxtRlq-stats

2nd July 2020

Expedition https://cutt.ly/UodEBZN-stats

1st July 2020

Absolute Power https://cutt.ly/SotHPJK-stats
The Evil and the Pure https://cutt.ly/totHGoN-stats
Fractured Shadows: a Moses and Rock Novel https://cutt.ly/lotHLfV-stats
Take the Heat: A Criminal Romance Anthology https://cutt.ly/rotHByV-stats
Midnight Desire https://cutt.ly/totH2Y6-stats
Unexpected World https://cutt.ly/uotH7db-stats
Assets, Acquisitions, & Abundance https://cutt.ly/4otJwWY-stats

30th June 2020

The Complete Adventures of Maggie Parker Omnibus https://cutt.ly/zi381vz-stats
Notorious Minds Boxset https://cutt.ly/gi383Lz-stats
Like There’s No Tomorrow https://cutt.ly/Zi385WE-stats
Challenges of the Gods: One Parallel Earth Too Many https://cutt.ly/Gi34ePH-stats

29th June 2020

The Brotherhood of Merlin Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/8iVyLa0-stats
Summer Shorts https://cutt.ly/DiVyBvD-stats
Let Freedom Ring https://cutt.ly/OiVy0nh-stats
Windstorm https://cutt.ly/niVy8IL-stats
Dark Rot https://cutt.ly/PiBn4HE-stats
Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds https://cutt.ly/UiBmtsn-stats
Fake Boyfriend https://cutt.ly/eiBmptz-stats
Vengeance Due https://cutt.ly/ziBmsOP-stats

27th June 2020

Dragons’ Prize: Fantasy Paranormal Dragon Romance (Daeria World) (Nightflame Dragons Book 4) https://cutt.ly/fiUhy5z-stats
Unusual Confusion https://cutt.ly/OiUhpKZ-stats
Deliverance from Stupidparty Land: How to Eradicate the Destructive Forces Destroying American Democracy https://cutt.ly/ViUhfY5-stats

26th June 2020

Federal Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/Zimew9I-stats
The Dark Field https://cutt.ly/wimeuzB-stats
Entwined Hearts https://cutt.ly/mimeobx-stats
Special Agent Kandice https://cutt.ly/vimedxr-stats
Caged Heat (Black Meadow Pack Book 2) https://cutt.ly/AimejuI-stats
The Seeds of Dissolution https://cutt.ly/MimezlR-stats
Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend https://cutt.ly/8imebNs-stats
Wings of War: The Angel Academy Complete Series https://cutt.ly/OimeTNx-stats
Imminent Threat https://cutt.ly/9imePWq-stats
Before I Die https://cutt.ly/JimeJHW-stats