24th February 2020

Alison Brownstone Omnibus (Books 1-8) http://bit.ly/2ThoBCi+
2036: The Year TXXXP Stepped Down! A Horrifying, Factual Account http://bit.ly/38ZLKj6+
Resisting the Brit http://bit.ly/2wGw8mh+
THE CHASE: A Curvy Girl’s Second Chance Sweet Romance (Evergreen Hotel Romance Book 5) http://bit.ly/2Vhkzwf+
Alcoholic Control: How to Stop Drinking & Change Your Life http://bit.ly/2w3Z5Ip+

23rd February 2020

Rising Star http://bit.ly/2VfB0Ju+
Montana Mail Order Bride Box Set (Westward Series) – Books 4 – 6 http://bit.ly/3c0sX97+
Big Bad Sugar Daddy http://bit.ly/32kLubM+

22nd February 2020

The Book of WHY (and HOW) http://bit.ly/2wyTJVT+
Submarine Jim http://bit.ly/37RRTwp+
You Map! http://bit.ly/2w0MuWr+
16 Gifts From A Stepmom: Encouragement for the Blended Family Journey http://bit.ly/2Ph8Rhh+

21st February 2020

Darkness Rising http://bit.ly/2SWStmY+
Beyond Barlow http://bit.ly/2SLeHcQ+
Arianna Chronicles http://bit.ly/32f9zRm+
Special Agent Booker http://bit.ly/38NTRiH+

20th February 2020

The Book of WHY (and HOW) http://bit.ly/39UCbSJ+
Kana Cold: The Deception of Seraphim Asylum http://bit.ly/39OIGX6+
The Burden of Sweetberry http://bit.ly/2T4j9T5+
Driven http://bit.ly/32c3mFO+
The Lady is Trouble http://bit.ly/39Wd6H7+
What the Hex Happened http://bit.ly/2SMlZNI+
Black Man White Man http://bit.ly/37O5WCZ+

19th February 2020

A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters http://bit.ly/2V3bmHB+
Doctors in Love http://bit.ly/2HELLNf+

18th February 2020

Serenity http://bit.ly/2vKHMMm+
The Elemental Trilogy Box Set: Elemental Rising, Elemental Betrayal, Forbidden Elemental http://bit.ly/37BQpX3+
Hot Mess: Expanded Edition http://bit.ly/2V3JqUi+
Ruckus http://bit.ly/2SE3R8D+

17th February 2020

War of the Angels Complete Omnibus http://bit.ly/2uRugXn+
Wondrous Blood: A Horror Anthology http://bit.ly/2Hy2Ubm+
A Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1-5 http://bit.ly/39EqGyy+
Ruwen http://bit.ly/2uQGv6o+

15th February 2020

Mark of the Medallion http://bit.ly/3bI1toA+
Gary Gatlin Reluctant Hero – World War 2 Trilogy, book 1 http://bit.ly/2uR7Vt1+
Love is a Merciless God http://bit.ly/37qNjoN+
The Darwin Project: Book One: Annihilation Series http://bit.ly/2vCJgs0+
My Little Sister : Papa God’s Mighty And Marvelous Works http://bit.ly/38yaQWe+
Rational Empathy http://bit.ly/2V0fgRP+

14th February 2020

Darkness Rising http://bit.ly/31R3BpK+
Beauty and the Professor http://bit.ly/2wcweBS+
A Thief & a Gentlewoman http://bit.ly/2SqQdp1+
Freedom to Rarity http://bit.ly/31W9aD7+
The Look After You box set http://bit.ly/2OR2YY4+