Book Title Tracking Link
The Devil’s Spies https://cutt.ly/4eyezzpX-stats
There Are No Bibles in Heaven: Walk and Talk with God All the Time, Just like You Will in Heaven https://cutt.ly/0et7ZXC3-stats
Burn https://cutt.ly/4et7XlcU-stats
Century Portal https://cutt.ly/Tet7C6Fe-stats
The Fear Factory : Horror Short Story Collection https://cutt.ly/fet7VWw4-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
No Caller ID https://cutt.ly/1et0RJyB-stats
The Sheriff’s Pursuit https://cutt.ly/oetNPW0N-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Erratic Gaits: An Epic Portal Fantasy Adventure https://cutt.ly/5etQG140-stats
Ruthless Promise https://cutt.ly/BetQHGuG-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Mage and The Veil: Two Complete Series https://cutt.ly/LetlGFvx-stats
The Voyant and The Mark of Malice https://cutt.ly/1ethSYCO-stats
Vanessa Comes Around https://cutt.ly/JethDgQL-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Harpy https://cutt.ly/RetyhVtk-stats
Obelisk – System Integration https://cutt.ly/oetyjDbt-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
An Always You Box Set https://cutt.ly/Ver3U7eo-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Cowboy’s Christmas Nanny https://cutt.ly/eerFkrzz-stats
Nutcracker of Crystalfall https://cutt.ly/qerFkLrz-stats
300 Moons: Collection 1 https://cutt.ly/berFlk3Q-stats
Daddy Wolf’s First Love https://cutt.ly/1erFl9mI-stats
Dreaded Invocations: Terrifying Horror Tales to Utter in Hushed Tones https://cutt.ly/YerFzOc3-stats
Empire: Country https://cutt.ly/gerFxsJT-stats
Kill the Goblins: How to get the negative voices in your head to shut up. https://cutt.ly/KerFxZiW-stats
The War Remains: The Barber Brothers’ Second Adventure https://cutt.ly/WerFcjir-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Rejected Princess https://cutt.ly/uergKyqy-stats
Rough Edges: a steamy single parents romance https://cutt.ly/Jerd0aUe-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Chronicles of an Urban Elemental Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/Fee6XXUl-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Story Of The Dragon https://cutt.ly/SeeZCkEd-stats
Her Accidental Highlander Husband https://cutt.ly/deeZC83Y-stats