Book Title Tracking Link
The Plan https://cutt.ly/ElHAJvJ-stats
Touch Me Again https://cutt.ly/tlHALsl-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Midnight Seduction https://cutt.ly/alSXLvK-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Team Savage Complete Series Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/DlT4eH4-stats
Don’t Stop Me https://cutt.ly/GlT4tmf-stats
Neglected Merge https://cutt.ly/7lT4uaF-stats
FIREBUG https://cutt.ly/hlT4ogR-stats
Helminth https://cutt.ly/3lT4p8v-stats
Anna’s Way: The Healer (Ditch Lane Diaries 2) https://cutt.ly/blT4dwB-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
The Reclaiming Honor Omnibus (Books 1-8) https://cutt.ly/SlQbEhN-stats
A Gilded Cage https://cutt.ly/JlQbRuM-stats
Project Destiny https://cutt.ly/YlQbTk2-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Intoxicated https://cutt.ly/ilc3ps6-stats
Married to My Boss https://cutt.ly/alc3p5X-stats
Fallen Reign https://cutt.ly/vlc3aX5-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Enchanted Kingdoms https://cutt.ly/jlkEuGc-stats
Where Fools Dare to Tread: A Monk Buttman Mystery https://cutt.ly/OlkEow2-stats
Hacker https://cutt.ly/jlkEpkE-stats
Shadow Mage: (Witchling Wars: Luxra Echelon, Book 1) https://cutt.ly/wlkEaHC-stats
The Contingency War Boxed Set: The Complete Four Book Series https://cutt.ly/4lkEdkB-stats
Shifter Claimed https://cutt.ly/IlkEfZ3-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
To Steal A Heart https://cutt.ly/NlfIS1a-stats
The Carneys https://cutt.ly/ZlfIDSM-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Royally Matched (Royal Matchmaker #1) https://cutt.ly/wlp4D3i-stats
Wynter https://cutt.ly/Ylp4Grg-stats
Forbidden Inheritance https://cutt.ly/zlp4Hdv-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Up for Air https://cutt.ly/eltlChH-stats
Rancher Wolf’s Forbidden Mate https://cutt.ly/tltlBWn-stats
ROADS TO MEANING AND RESILIENCE WITH CANCER: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer https://cutt.ly/OltlMfR-stats
Dragon Riders MC Boxed Set https://cutt.ly/Oltl0S3-stats
Illusions: Ravens of Darkness https://cutt.ly/nltl3yj-stats
Earthweeds https://cutt.ly/PlojL2D-stats


Book Title Tracking Link
Delayed Penalty https://cutt.ly/RlqnxOK-stats
The Spirit Hollows https://cutt.ly/Klqncr8-stats
The “One” Series https://cutt.ly/Plqnc73-stats
Secondhand Secrets https://cutt.ly/zlqnv4d-stats
Lost Library https://cutt.ly/tlqnb3q-stats
Hellfire – Treachery https://cutt.ly/MlqnnGM-stats
GORGE https://cutt.ly/IlqnmvY-stats
Nicklas https://cutt.ly/jlqnQFC-stats