6th June 2020

Morbid Thoughts https://cutt.ly/GyNecin-stats
Warrior Of Magick https://cutt.ly/ryNecGW-stats
To Steal A Heart https://cutt.ly/oyNevqR-stats
A Place Called Destiny (The Destiny Series Book 1) https://cutt.ly/xyNevWk-stats

5th June 2020

Dream Huntress https://cutt.ly/lyBy602-stats
The Guest https://cutt.ly/AyBuqcR-stats

4th June 2020

Chemistry Lessons https://cutt.ly/ryVybon-stats
Unlight https://cutt.ly/4yVybSw-stats

3rd June 2020

Bound to Him: Episodes 1-3 https://cutt.ly/wyXVMlQ-stats
Shot Through the Tart https://cutt.ly/HyXVMHf-stats
Dominus https://cutt.ly/AyXVM5K-stats

2nd June 2020

The Witch Next Door Complete Series Omnibus: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure https://cutt.ly/QyZ6E84-stats
Lost Camelot https://cutt.ly/fyZ6RGQ-stats
Midsummer’s Bottom https://cutt.ly/TyZ6TcV-stats
In Plain Sight https://cutt.ly/ZyZ6T6M-stats
Pride of Lions https://cutt.ly/LyZ6YJq-stats
Thirst Of The Rain God (Secrets Of The Maya) https://cutt.ly/EyZ6UzC-stats
Asesina https://cutt.ly/lyZ6U7y-stats
Who the F*** Wants to be President?!: My Year of Living Politically https://cutt.ly/vyXeVj9-stats

1st June 2020

The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book One: The Sleepwalker https://cutt.ly/tyL8SdA-stats
Top Man: The Epic Wager https://cutt.ly/hyL8SC5-stats
Bearly Breathing https://cutt.ly/fyL8DfR-stats
The Other One https://cutt.ly/jyL8DXI-stats
A Kiss Beneath the Stars https://cutt.ly/5yL8GfF-stats

31st May 2020

Spurr Morgan: A Western Double https://cutt.ly/FyLtvmU-stats
The Dukes and Desires Series https://cutt.ly/2yLtvLN-stats
Golden Girl https://cutt.ly/hyLtv9M-stats

30th May 2020

Animus Omnibus #1 https://cutt.ly/ZyKoC0i-stats
Curse of the Fae King https://cutt.ly/8yKoVk7-stats
Appetite for Innocence https://cutt.ly/pyKoVFb-stats
Tangle of Thornes https://cutt.ly/qyKoV22-stats
Veiled Threats https://cutt.ly/TyKoBu1-stats
Stepbrother https://cutt.ly/SyKoBzF-stats
The Chase https://cutt.ly/dyKoBIs-stats
Bobby H and the New Utopians https://cutt.ly/YyKoBB4-stats

29th May 2020

Killing The Girl https://cutt.ly/WyGjO7C-stats
The Frights of Fiji https://cutt.ly/ZyGjPmg-stats
Gemini: Love Found In A Fantasy https://cutt.ly/0yGjPGb-stats
Alpha Geek: Knox https://cutt.ly/RyGjP6a-stats
Mated to the Lion https://cutt.ly/iyGjAvs-stats

28th May 2020

Fireflies & Strippers https://cutt.ly/QyFwBNw+
A Surgeon’s Knot https://cutt.ly/NyFwNJ2+