Halloween Party Book Set http://bit.ly/2cX9PMY+
Barren Waters http://bit.ly/2cXa7n4+
The Crystal Needle: A Stitching Fantasy http://bit.ly/2dKBTpd+
Your Name, In Fire http://bit.ly/1pTWkBw+
Ready For Flynn, Part 1 http://bit.ly/2dLURs5+
The Coven and the Fire http://bit.ly/2dxP3Vm+
FATE http://bit.ly/2d8exF8+
Runaway Dragonette http://bit.ly/2cM3fdw+
Yetunde: An Ode to My mother http://bit.ly/2dKBYcn+
Three of Swords, The Tarot Trilogy, Book One http://bit.ly/1S3P6AB+
The Rebound http://bit.ly/2dKC8Rj+
The Man in the Blue Fez http://bit.ly/1Z2IesK+