Longings http://bit.ly/1TIsf1h+
Murder In Absentia http://bit.ly/1QQRXwf+
West of the War http://bit.ly/23lUfdV+
Twisted Reunion http://bit.ly/1SKO4es+
Original Blood: Gailene’s Vow http://bit.ly/1rhNRbk+
The Merman: Acceptance (Book 2, Gay Paranormal Romance Series) http://bit.ly/1rhNUEe+
Perception http://bit.ly/1p1OYD0+
LOL Detective Club: The Mardi Gras Howler http://bit.ly/1W4wWpC+
Dang (A Humorous Mystery) http://bit.ly/24vsjXe+
Young Hollywood http://bit.ly/21t45ez+
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Silver Chalice, Golden Bough http://bit.ly/1SWeVX6+
The Woman in the Photograph http://bit.ly/21t7FoY+