Honeymoon Beach: The Passion Brokers http://bit.ly/2dzf1p4+
Depravity http://bit.ly/1P9FJiJ+
Rocky Mountain Heat http://bit.ly/1ED6JpL+
Brother’s Pride http://bit.ly/2driEgb+
Tomoiya’s Story: Escape To Darkness http://bit.ly/2b2604Y+
Murder In Absentia http://bit.ly/1QQRXwf+
Hearts of Dust 1: (Hearts of Dust Series) http://bit.ly/1Zw9Fvy+
Salvation’s Dawn http://bit.ly/2djTO4s+
Captive of the Hitman http://bit.ly/290YU20+
Fire: The Elementals Book One http://bit.ly/2djRfQ1+
The Blind Rooster http://bit.ly/2d6odW2+