Taming the Vampire http://bit.ly/2fgL5Tc+
You’re the Rogue That I Want http://bit.ly/2evBZzL+
Lord Bachelor http://bit.ly/1TMxNYQ+
End of Eternity http://bit.ly/1PBatvE+
Robin Hood Hacker Collection http://bit.ly/2e7NkW1+
Paper Princess http://bit.ly/2dQKkik+
Finding Perseverance http://bit.ly/2dXkxjO+
Fracture http://bit.ly/1ySPqsW+
Laced Hearts http://bit.ly/2eSqQti+
Lord Bachelor http://bit.ly/1TMxNYQ+
Outlaw’s Promise http://bit.ly/2fgQzNJ+
Dream Hunter http://bit.ly/2eOW4Pn+
First Bite, A Sweet & Sour Mystery (Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance) http://bit.ly/2f2iGeg+
The Illuminator Access to Universal Intelligence http://bit.ly/2f2iVGv+
Indigo Sky http://bit.ly/2eSOZzZ+