Leap of Faith http://bit.ly/28WoK88+
Mubu’s Christmas http://bit.ly/2gOrJEy+
They Tell Me You Are Wicked http://bit.ly/2gyE5jH+
Hold Me Down http://bit.ly/2gOYLoj+
Moon Tortured http://bit.ly/29W4Qbq+
The Baby Buggy http://bit.ly/2gojHz3+
Shade http://bit.ly/2gb4UtY+
Wicka: The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake http://bit.ly/2fEJbXr+
Yazen: First book in the Ponith Series http://bit.ly/2gyEIKo+
Moonrise http://bit.ly/1CDXqqj+
Wrong Side of Hell http://bit.ly/2gyBNRN+
Asante’s Gullah Journey http://bit.ly/2adHpLh+
Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story http://bit.ly/1ZATtck+
Winter’s Heat: A Billionaire Romance http://bit.ly/2aQ9t9Y+
Obsessed http://bit.ly/2fUodYs+
Cowboys are Forever http://bit.ly/2fIPNag+
Baby It’s Cold in Space http://bit.ly/2fsWvml+
Wicked Winter Box Set http://bit.ly/2gopRiG+
Chance Meetings: Stories About Cross-Cultural Karmic Collisions and Compassion http://bit.ly/2fIQnVF+