Dream Huntress http://bit.ly/1T3Ax0V+
Apex Predator Thriller Collection http://bit.ly/1Rq8I2L+
The Dictator’s Wife Tweets http://bit.ly/1WhwdAm+
Davenport Mysteries Box Set http://bit.ly/1QsuWiM+
9th Circle: The serial killer wants to bring Seattle to its knees http://bit.ly/1XMSpBl+
F*THS http://bit.ly/1r4ADin+
Snapdragon Book I: My Enemy http://bit.ly/1DPd1Dn+
Faerie Blood http://bit.ly/1XMSOUn+
Zombie Ocean Box Set: Books 1-3 http://bit.ly/1SVF0SV+
More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights http://bit.ly/1XN02HR+
Waking the Dragon http://bit.ly/23OnoE3+
My Familiar stranger http://bit.ly/1yVpUXy+