POWER IN THE BLOOD http://bit.ly/2gdD0vE+
A Perfect Mess http://bit.ly/2g9Mkit+
HOT Volume 2 http://bit.ly/2fV5Lfw+
That Boy Book Series http://bit.ly/2gCrm0V+
The Music Mage http://bit.ly/1wJgbRl+
Wrecked http://bit.ly/2geMF4u+
Prayers for the Soul of a Dying Star http://bit.ly/2eWXN8R+
The Alpha’s Hunger http://bit.ly/2gusgeT+
Penalty http://bit.ly/2gvkC42+
Trusting the Dragon http://bit.ly/2geJytA+
Guarded By the Wolf http://bit.ly/2fkihqI+
Humble Beginnings (Tri System’s Edge Series Book 1) http://bit.ly/2fV2Ao2+
Glimmers of Glass (A Glimmers Novel #1: Cinderella) http://bit.ly/2gdDv8U+