Hellbent Halo Complete Series Omnibus https://cutt.ly/xyT3jXj-stats
Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds https://cutt.ly/2yT3leC-stats
Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts https://cutt.ly/cyT3zdn-stats
Perdition House Part 1 An Erotic Saga https://cutt.ly/zyT3xZM-stats
The Elemental Trilogy Box Set: Elemental Rising, Elemental Betrayal, Forbidden Elemental https://cutt.ly/UyT3cHl-stats
Fear the Cold https://cutt.ly/dyT3vHJ-stats
Raiders of the Rockies (Stonecroft Saga Book 5) https://cutt.ly/2yT3b1F-stats
Second Chance Boxset https://cutt.ly/WyT3nC5-stats
Her Cowboy Daddies https://cutt.ly/6yT3mGS-stats
Skydiving, Skinny-Dipping & Other Ways to Enjoy Your Fake Boyfriend https://cutt.ly/ZyT3QSK-stats
The Space Lore Boxed Set: Space Lore Volumes 1-3 https://cutt.ly/FyT3WDy-stats
Three Degrees and Gone https://cutt.ly/2yT3ESz-stats
Altered Helix https://cutt.ly/MyT3RPL-stats