Wild-born http://bit.ly/1ues81b+
Clarity http://bit.ly/2glTvcd+
Dangerous in a Kilt http://bit.ly/2hJHPwB+
Sensation: A Superhero Novel http://bit.ly/2huAFyr+
The Dead and the Missing http://bit.ly/1HsdiYz+
Allfather Saga: Time’s Orphans http://bit.ly/2figK3l+
Gift of the Phoenix http://bit.ly/2hJBBN8+
Christmas with the Abominable Snowman http://bit.ly/2hJKxT0+
The Hammer of Amalynth (Secrets of the Elements Book II) http://bit.ly/2hc34q1+
Divine Mother, Divine Father: Teachings on Inspired Living from Our Heavenly Parents http://bit.ly/2hrFAjM+
Mr. (Almost) Right http://bit.ly/2gWkeKD+
Ruthless Prick http://bit.ly/2hOxzX3+
Immortal Winter http://bit.ly/2hJMzCg+
Death to the Witch-Queen!: A Post-Apocalyptic Western Steampunk Space Opera http://bit.ly/2hFFhlW+
Knight Force http://bit.ly/2gW8sQx+
The Drowning City http://bit.ly/2hZZFLd+
Lake Of Sins: Escape http://bit.ly/1bYV6xy+
The Billionaire’s Secret http://bit.ly/1y7ZK6l+