Elin and the Wolf: A Cinderella Shifter Story (The Joining Book 1) http://bit.ly/2piNtuh+
The Cave Maze: Wizard Warrior Quest http://bit.ly/29XRldo+
Tyson & Joey http://bit.ly/2hQQU7B+
Mad About Matt http://bit.ly/2fOUlyu+
Noire http://bit.ly/2phFPRK+
Under Her Skin http://bit.ly/2HHagHL+
The Dark Professor (The Therian Chronicles Book 1) http://bit.ly/2Iv1fTn+
Billionaire Bad Boys http://bit.ly/2FEkeNk+
Beyond the Red Carpet http://bit.ly/2DyYY5J+
Phantom Limb http://bit.ly/2HEh88B+
Fire and Forget http://bit.ly/2Gzmv9U+
The Pages of Time http://bit.ly/2mlLoPz+