Race the Darkness http://bit.ly/2fu9Edy+
Bury the Lie http://bit.ly/2fudQKr+
Supernatural Freak http://bit.ly/2fSVHDa+
Diary of a Single Wedding Planner http://bit.ly/2fcVXwK+
Regency Romance: The Marquess’ Curse (The Fairbanks Series – Love & Hearts) (CLEAN Historical Regency Romance) http://bit.ly/2gdvRxM+
The Death of Distant Stars, A Legal Thriller http://bit.ly/2fRrFAN+
Obsessed http://bit.ly/2fUodYs+
MY FAIR LADY : Eleanor of Provence, Henry III’s Lost Queen http://bit.ly/2fukn84+
Scarred http://bit.ly/1Mg9X5e+
Marked by Fire http://bit.ly/2f0WHHq+
Dark Legends Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2fjZ5eM+
The Superhero’s Test http://bit.ly/2gcAI3e+
Queen of a Kind http://bit.ly/2c8apoN+
Deadly Messengers http://bit.ly/2dlJXNp+