Dangerous Attraction: The Complete Serial http://bit.ly/1S4YIei+
Article V http://bit.ly/21lQrcs+
Pulling Home http://bit.ly/1U7YoxP+
UPRISING: A Vampire Apocalypse Romance http://bit.ly/1VYGqSV+
Die By The Pen: A Mystery-Thriller http://bit.ly/1Uj4tcS+
The Misbegotten http://bit.ly/1qrDaTk+
DIRTY http://bit.ly/1ZKB9NY+
Touch of Iron http://bit.ly/1U7Y3Lx+
His to Take http://bit.ly/1S2cYVg+
KING (MC Biker Club/ Bad Boy Romance) http://bit.ly/1Uu8UD0+
Chasing Filthy Lucre http://bit.ly/1YqAt1m+
The Witching Elm http://bit.ly/28DXUcp+