Rated R http://bit.ly/2fEPxeK+
Alpha Submissive (A Bondage Romance) http://bit.ly/2uTUD93+
Taken and Trained http://bit.ly/2uFixWm+
Demon Hunter (Divine Justice 1) http://bit.ly/2fEaiHu+
Wipe Out http://bit.ly/2uUbxV7+
Murder and Mayhem: A Limited Edition Thriller and Mystery Collection http://bit.ly/2fEUvs9+
The Only Secret Left to Keep http://bit.ly/2wHNjzD+
An Arrangement http://bit.ly/2w4OMlC+
The Witches of Dark Root http://bit.ly/15gcudh+
The Habit Architect: At Home http://bit.ly/2w58jlL+