Let Me Be the One http://bit.ly/1ScuidH+
Soul Guardians 3-Book Collection: Marked #1, Elemental #2, Horizon #3 http://bit.ly/1ScuiKA+
The Misbegotten (An Assassin’s Blade Book 1) http://bit.ly/1qrDaTk+
NIKOLAI: The Complete Collection http://bit.ly/23y2UPS+
The Count’s Impetuous Seduction http://bit.ly/1YvmIfD+
Flawless Mistake http://bit.ly/1Scun0Z+
Wolf Creek Enforcer (Texas Pack 2) http://bit.ly/23HVVQT+
Watchers of the Night http://bit.ly/1DJ7FFz+
Seducing Jordan http://bit.ly/22wSKZS+
Think Murder http://bit.ly/1S9ymsS+
Altered Genes http://bit.ly/1WtNiaB+
Mimi’s Book Launch Plan http://bit.ly/263gd9w+
My Story of Survival http://bit.ly/1NpYOfS+