Hero to Obey http://bit.ly/1XdKShD+
The Wedding Gift http://bit.ly/1FLHHAb+
POWER: Empowering the Leader Within http://bit.ly/1tmkXs8+
The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper’s Destiny http://bit.ly/1TJ73Zq+
Saving Liberty http://bit.ly/28pDZxK+
Worst Laid Plans http://bit.ly/1U4LPbH+
The Other Side Of Someday http://bit.ly/1UH2dw7+
Hunter: The Beginning http://bit.ly/1UaarwB+
Hell to Pay http://bit.ly/1tmlaM0+
A Girl Called Dust http://bit.ly/1UH1ACE+
Alpha Heat http://bit.ly/1rgd99o+
Ashes of Autumn http://bit.ly/1U4MVnK+
ROMY: Book 1 of the 2250 Saga http://bit.ly/1T2PzEY+