Genre Specific Targeting

There are three campaign slots available per day per genre.  Promotions will generally be launched from 6pm GMT onwards.

If a date is blanked out, that means the day is fully booked.  You will have to choose the next available date.

Please do not book more than one genre at any time.

Please also be sure not to double book this type of campaign with either the full or apps only campaigns as there will be overlaps with our audience.

Be sensible in the time you leave between promotions.  Give at least a week between repeat bookings for the same book.


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If your desired genre isn’t available above, or if you want to extend your reach further to a new audience, please don’t hesitate to check out our sister Kindle marketing platform, Price Dropped Books. We have 39 targetable genres there and accept books at any price point provided they have a 50% or more reduction at time of launch…