21st February 2019

Diary of the Displaced – Book 1 – The Journal of James Halldon http://bit.ly/1qCeFQi+
Carved In Stone http://bit.ly/1JK7WhQ+
Resurgence of the Hunt http://bit.ly/2Iux4zH+
Healthy to Athletic http://bit.ly/2T9gYzz+

20th February 2019

Pretty Broken Dreams http://bit.ly/2Gw2PXe+
Children of the Night http://bit.ly/2SMZl9f+
Unforgettable Passion http://bit.ly/2EldjXq+
Dirty Hot Soldier http://bit.ly/2V6b3J1+
Daughter of Discord http://bit.ly/2VamAXQ+

19th February 2019

Curse of the Fae Queen http://bit.ly/2EhvCMR+
Heavy Equipment http://bit.ly/2SLzONG+
Winter Rage (Mountain Times Book 1) http://bit.ly/2BI9QjQ+
Wedding Disaster http://bit.ly/2TYT0UU+
Copycat Killer http://bit.ly/2TVocnV+
Shifted http://bit.ly/2VFAjXC+
MatingGames http://bit.ly/2SNkr7J+
Talon the Slayer http://bit.ly/2suL2a4+

18th February 2019

Accidental Love http://bit.ly/2V2Zylp+
Drone http://bit.ly/2BCQFIh+
Fields’ Guide to Abduction http://bit.ly/2IjW1hd+
Be Mine Forever http://bit.ly/2SayrTI+
Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Tailored Keto Meal Prep Diet to Become Healthier, Leaner & Stronger  http://bit.ly/2Nc5bey+

17th February 2019

The Billionaire’s Unexpected Wife http://bit.ly/2AoJANi+
The Sweet Stuff http://bit.ly/2Nc6hXB+
After the Green Withered http://bit.ly/2LWThnF+

16th February 2019

All Tommorow’s Memories http://bit.ly/2tnJIGl+
Retribution http://bit.ly/2EdtVQs+
Desolation http://bit.ly/2vlCuDn+
Asking for a Friend http://bit.ly/2EduB8s+
Queen of Heaven http://bit.ly/2UWQezq+
Bleeding Hearts Duet http://bit.ly/2BDYn4B+
Hands of the Colossus http://bit.ly/2szZflE+

15th February 2019

Fashionably Dead http://bit.ly/1I7xxxm+
The McCoys Before The Feud: A Western Novel http://bit.ly/2TUNNO4+
Riding with Barefoot Bob http://bit.ly/2IdSLnm+
The Mountain Man’s Secret Valentine http://bit.ly/2SFpmHB+
Lost For You http://bit.ly/2GLbpRw+
Resolution: Rock Out http://bit.ly/2SDP0wo+
Solar Storm: Book 1 http://bit.ly/2H6E5VD+
Drone http://bit.ly/2BCQFIh+
On Fire http://bit.ly/2GsoPT1+

14th February 2019

The Heritage http://bit.ly/2GFoRpO+
Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries http://bit.ly/2MbWPp6+
Mine Forever #1 http://bit.ly/2EZPJlj+
Fantasy Football http://bit.ly/2tkFuz4+
Love, Alchemy http://bit.ly/2X34VD5+
Devil Take the Duke http://bit.ly/2UWqSSv+
Rescue on Gimhae http://bit.ly/2xcAbEm+

13th February 2019

The Turing Test, a Tale of Artificial Intelligence and Malevolence http://bit.ly/2SNe5nL+
Say Yes http://bit.ly/2tleH5N+
In Our Blood: A Jake Hawksworth Thriller http://bit.ly/2J6Ewh2v
The Healing Energy of Reiki http://bit.ly/2UYhpu2+
Testimonies of a Good God http://bit.ly/2SMVOHm+
Cupid Revenge http://bit.ly/2N2zaVZ+
Master http://bit.ly/2GonjRK+
Aubry (Love or Money series #1) http://bit.ly/2GonuMU+
Evanthia’s Gift http://bit.ly/2UR6Et6+
Twisted Magic http://bit.ly/2THC05r+
African Slaver http://bit.ly/2woFgJK+

12th February 2019

Degeneration: Escape From The Orb http://bit.ly/2k5iwe1+
Before You Pull The Trigger http://bit.ly/2trESbj+