22nd October 2019

The Wild Hunt http://bit.ly/31xSPTD+
Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter http://bit.ly/32EWi4a+
Blood http://bit.ly/33PSbCm+
Project Enterprise Bundle 1 http://bit.ly/2BzunGI+
Special Access http://bit.ly/365DKw2+
Perfect Polish Appetizer Recipes http://bit.ly/342rF99+

21st October 2019

FBI Dragon Chronicles Complete Omnibus http://bit.ly/2VYEG0B+
So Your Boss Can’t Lead http://bit.ly/2P4iv7G+
Love Me Dead http://bit.ly/2MwLxuU+
Broken http://bit.ly/2J5VmxO+
Boundless http://bit.ly/2Br8KbI+
Message with Purpose: Swipe Dating Simplified http://bit.ly/2N0dkmE+

20th October 2019

The Sectarian: Demon Hunter Book 5 http://bit.ly/31xXMLU+
Braided Dimensions http://bit.ly/2oO2mIY+
Beyond the Forest http://bit.ly/2MXHFCk+
Shifter Nanny Agency http://bit.ly/2qwzmpD+

19th October 2019

Serpent’s Return http://bit.ly/2J5YABz+
Fast Baller http://bit.ly/32s4DIk+
Deadly Passion http://bit.ly/2VXAU7n+
Claimed by the Demon Hunter http://bit.ly/2J5YDxf+
Raging Moon http://bit.ly/35MHp1A+

18th October 2019

Yessss Madam http://bit.ly/2J0fYY8+
Only By Chance http://bit.ly/2BoKIOu+
The Vogt House http://bit.ly/2MPAlZi+
Not Dead Yet: A British Zombie Apocalypse Series (Book 1) http://bit.ly/2N4QV7R+
Death Unbound (Last Light Saga, #1) http://bit.ly/2OUlgZf+

17th October 2019

Memorable Murder http://bit.ly/32oj1Bh+
Naked Love: TEN Book Boxed Set http://bit.ly/35GSPUy+

16th October 2019

Captive of the Dark Elves http://bit.ly/35EWYrU+
Prophecy of Magic http://bit.ly/2nOMJAg+
An Innocent Halloween http://bit.ly/2MjnYWe+
Feral Breed: Volume One http://bit.ly/2pvPnLF+

15th October 2019

Murder In The Rain http://bit.ly/32iUHAO+
Managed Care http://bit.ly/2MHBqT4+
Enlightened http://bit.ly/31ibhza+
It’s Better This Way http://bit.ly/35vEQAV+
The Downward Shift: A Future Tech Cyber Thriller http://bit.ly/2VHKQls+

14th October 2019

Magic Below Paris Boxed Set (Books 1 – 4) http://bit.ly/2Mbja5g+
Evil Sushi http://bit.ly/2MfmMn1+
Rise of Gaia http://bit.ly/2BaIMZR+
The Halloween Treat http://bit.ly/2B9svED+
Come with Me http://bit.ly/2Be1JKY+