25th June 2019

Ignite http://bit.ly/2J99llC+
The Marine Memoirs: 182 Days in Afghanistan http://bit.ly/2X7R0PK+
Star Runners: Omnibus http://bit.ly/2KCb2eq+
Dead Man’s Jazz http://bit.ly/2Y8tHSw+

24th June 2019

Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest http://bit.ly/2RAWqg7+
MAROONED: Will YOU Endure Treachery and Survival on the High Seas? http://bit.ly/2IEYaSO+
His Boss’s Daughter http://bit.ly/2Ldo1CV+

23rd June 2019

Sky Elf http://bit.ly/2x97JCV+
Just Another Chance http://bit.ly/2XuGHEQ+

22nd June 2019

High Summons http://bit.ly/2IFb0k9+
Brace for Impact http://bit.ly/2Rt09wm+

21st June 2019

Where Eagles Dare Not Perch http://bit.ly/31Or4HB+
The Phoenix Grail http://bit.ly/31O9aVv+
Cookie Wars http://bit.ly/2IyKk4d+
First Time His http://bit.ly/31RE3YW+
Rebel Bear http://bit.ly/2Rt8QXm+
Summer Solstice: A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy & Paranormal Romances http://bit.ly/2XAJYmh+
Connor’s Gambit http://bit.ly/31P7OK8+

20th June 2019

Master of the Forest: A Horror Novel Set in Siberia http://bit.ly/2RvsQsA+
SUPERPOWERED: Are YOU a Superhero or Supervillain? http://bit.ly/2Y2zE38+
Kissing Magic http://bit.ly/2Rpw4h3+
Blade and Rose Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2MZtbVQ+
Driven http://bit.ly/2RmXSmm+
Snowbody http://bit.ly/2MZsWtU+
Lucifer’s Daughter http://bit.ly/2MZtxf8+
Araya’s Addiction http://bit.ly/2MZtCPY+
Alpha Phoenix Brides: A Paranormal Romance Box Set http://bit.ly/2XnJb84+

19th June 2019

Daring Protectors http://bit.ly/2x6Hw7S+
Pregnant by Mistake http://bit.ly/2x5lKS8+
Flung http://bit.ly/2ISFkGB+
Scharlette Doesn’t Matter and Goes Time Travelling http://bit.ly/2KpOduA+

18th June 2019

Jerry the Squirrel: Volume One http://bit.ly/2ZB3Frj+
MURDERED: Can YOU Solve the Mystery? http://bit.ly/2IpwzFa+
Wicked Innocents (Case No. 1, The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters) http://bit.ly/31R53rQ+
Only You http://bit.ly/2XWxdPR+
The Heisenberg Corollary http://bit.ly/2x3VMyo+

17th June 2019

A New Dawn Omnibus: Complete Series Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2Ffhcgf+
The Forbidden Affairs Of Eva: What would you do if your one night night turned out to be your boss? http://bit.ly/31G2nNn+
Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings’ Tale http://bit.ly/2ISLuqj+
His Many Demands http://bit.ly/2N6gUiu+
Tempt Me Forever http://bit.ly/2KnkcLT+
Hatched (Draconia World Book 1) http://bit.ly/2IWpz1h+
Eclipse http://bit.ly/2RvIy77+

16th June 2019

Lincoln’s Lawman #1 http://bit.ly/2WQiv0c+
The Outbreak Series Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2ZwDrGl+
Love Us Both http://bit.ly/2XTkjSz+
Sadie’s Spirit http://bit.ly/2XVZQfY+
After the bombs fall http://bit.ly/2KQdpKa+
Plant Based Diet http://bit.ly/2IlVHfI+