20th August 2017

Treasure of Darkness http://bit.ly/2vPZXhm+
Halfway http://bit.ly/2v6jnLr+
The Minotaur King http://bit.ly/2vPXrHX+
The Billionaire’s Charm http://bit.ly/2xgsqLk+
Graph Lies (YA Amazonian Eco-Fic Dystopia) http://bit.ly/2wm4f1y+
Heaven Scent – The Trilogy http://bit.ly/2vPE69K+
Rebel’s Blade http://bit.ly/2vVjpYE+
Fate’s Fables Special Edition: One Girl’s Journey Through 8 Unfortunate Fairy Tales http://bit.ly/2wfglZM+
Dark Masquerade http://bit.ly/2ii2Xyu+
Destroyer of Planets http://bit.ly/2fs2GYN+

19th August 2017

Serenity http://bit.ly/2wcc3lR+
The Sword of Cullen http://bit.ly/2wrBijM+
Dang (A Humorous Mystery) http://bit.ly/24vsjXe+
Warring Passions – Abduction Seduction http://bit.ly/2peudQH+
Shadowglade http://bit.ly/2sAwx6F+
Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) http://bit.ly/2uwXtoy+
Fighting for Her http://bit.ly/2vbyzXE+
The Prince’s Virgin http://bit.ly/2wc6Vyq+
Touch Me http://bit.ly/2dBk1x1+
Of Deception and Divinity http://bit.ly/2ifwV5X+
Got Thrills http://bit.ly/29doSRt+
Fallen Star http://bit.ly/2x0vWKs+
H.A.L.F.: The Deep Beneath http://bit.ly/2ifaxKb+

18th August 2017

Blurred Lines: A 3-part Military Romance http://bit.ly/2hD5oYm+
Reader’s Feast http://bit.ly/2v8zrMy+
Born of Fire http://bit.ly/2wovEiG+
Prism http://bit.ly/2vPjOM5+
Her Client Part 1 http://bit.ly/2vKXHIq+
Free – A Black Ops Romance http://bit.ly/2wXIlP6+
Tightwad http://bit.ly/2vQob9I+

15th August 2017

When Fate Aligns http://bit.ly/2v6eodB+
The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege of Talonrend http://bit.ly/2gulKlq+
BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love http://bit.ly/2weE50w+
Puppy Love http://bit.ly/2rYE6E3+
Mad About Matt http://bit.ly/2fOUlyu+
Secret Legends http://bit.ly/2wkeeDA+
Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance #1) http://bit.ly/2v6jnLr+
Alea Jacta Est http://bit.ly/29hzyKY+

14th August 2017

Rated R http://bit.ly/2fEPxeK+
Alpha Submissive (A Bondage Romance) http://bit.ly/2uTUD93+
Taken and Trained http://bit.ly/2uFixWm+
Demon Hunter (Divine Justice 1) http://bit.ly/2fEaiHu+
Wipe Out http://bit.ly/2uUbxV7+
Murder and Mayhem: A Limited Edition Thriller and Mystery Collection http://bit.ly/2fEUvs9+
The Only Secret Left to Keep http://bit.ly/2wHNjzD+
An Arrangement http://bit.ly/2w4OMlC+
The Witches of Dark Root http://bit.ly/15gcudh+
The Habit Architect: At Home http://bit.ly/2w58jlL+

13th August 2017

To Love a Reckless Lord http://bit.ly/2uCnQGk+
Coming Off the Bench http://bit.ly/2vucN4U+
Rock Hard Prince Charming http://bit.ly/2uSwBva+
Democracy’s Thief http://bit.ly/2w0yx9S+
Complicated Blue: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Good Witch Anaïs Blue http://bit.ly/2qmxrz1+

12th August 2017

The Unworthy and The Damned http://bit.ly/2vQwLaW+
Mystery Box Set – (Davenport Mysteries – Loose Ends, Perfect Crime and Wrong one) http://bit.ly/1QsuWiM+
Love is in the Air http://bit.ly/28Zwyn9+
Seven Days http://bit.ly/2fCXxgj+
Lusted http://bit.ly/16JHfZx+
Killian’s Secret http://bit.ly/2hQc88X+
A Bear Victory http://bit.ly/2fCccZb+
The Way of The Fairy Godmother http://bit.ly/28QE5at+

11th August 2017

Nuclear Threat Thrillers http://bit.ly/1pOLHii+
Damned Lies http://bit.ly/2wOjyfD+
Remaking Josh http://bit.ly/2uuYtdi+
Just Married http://bit.ly/2uMpnIV+
Mango Cake and Murder http://bit.ly/2hnGltV+
A Second Chance at Love http://bit.ly/2uMr74Q+
Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) http://bit.ly/2uwXtoy+
A Compton Love Story http://bit.ly/2vVe1HM+
The Vampire King’s Nanny http://bit.ly/2vt9k4I+
Shattered Worlds http://bit.ly/2qx5XcC+
Comet Madness on the Doorstep: The Halley’s Comet Fever of 1910, As Covered & Inflamed by the Newspapers http://bit.ly/2uMrfkQ+

10th August 2017

The Midgard Born Series Boxset: Books One and Two http://bit.ly/2wLRolj+
The Tears of San’Ferath http://bit.ly/2vmzN5O+
Room for Rent http://bit.ly/2vmAjAI+
So Much More http://bit.ly/2vScdOS+
She’s Mine http://bit.ly/2vpW8Od+
Do Me Doctor http://bit.ly/2utsJ49+
The Homecoming Masquerade http://bit.ly/1w82Pka+
Dearly Departed http://bit.ly/2vIk6GQ+
This is the Way the World Ends: An Oral History of the Zombie War http://bit.ly/2uJuPfS+
The Tears of San’Ferath http://bit.ly/2vmzN5O+
One In A Million http://bit.ly/2fvG5ub+
Four of a Kind http://bit.ly/2utbu3c+
Dearly Departed http://bit.ly/2vIk6GQ+
Guarding Eden (A Midway Novel: Book One) http://bit.ly/2utp5aM+
This Eternal Journey http://bit.ly/2wLHUXl+

9th August 2017

Murder by Suicide http://bit.ly/2upbuRw+
Aroused: Taming Himself Series Book One http://bit.ly/2wI3WKL+
Raging Inferno (Delphine Rising Book 1) http://bit.ly/2usySOT+
Destroyer of Planets http://bit.ly/2fs2GYN+
Murder by Suicide http://bit.ly/2upbuRw+
It had to be you http://bit.ly/2fsgPVQ+
Maxwell http://bit.ly/2vkhAWm+
Accidentally Compromising the Duke http://bit.ly/2k47Bjs+
The Bear Next Door http://bit.ly/2vO7aij+
The 2250 Saga: a dystopian action-adventure http://bit.ly/2vF47tr+
The Off-Worlders http://bit.ly/2vjKqGA+
Hayden’s World Shorts, Stories 1-3 http://bit.ly/2uGhXqH+
Ghosts of Cortanis http://bit.ly/2vCm1wb+
Murder by Suicide http://bit.ly/2upbuRw+