8th December 2019

Depravity http://bit.ly/353whfQ+
Vikings’ Brides Box Set http://bit.ly/2DU7P4R+
Sinkhole: A Horror Story http://bit.ly/353V4R1+
Tasting Her Christmas Cookies http://bit.ly/2RwIrKd+
All He Wants for Christmas http://bit.ly/2s4T6Bi+
Mistletoe Surprise http://bit.ly/38iGJSG+

7th December 2019

Breaking the Rules http://bit.ly/350OAT5+
A Journey in Search Of Happiness http://bit.ly/2Lx8ptA+

6th December 2019

Royal Holiday http://bit.ly/2RxheqK+
Caché, Caché http://bit.ly/2OX4iZR+
The Centauri Survivors http://bit.ly/366y9oi+

5th December 2019

Turning Good Series: A Contemporary Romance http://bit.ly/364zlbO+
Santa’s Wolves http://bit.ly/366DLyK+
Two Thousand Leagues as the Seabird http://bit.ly/2DQrkLz+
Siege of Talonrend http://bit.ly/2s2MLWT+
Bad Boy Santa http://bit.ly/34SI2FL+

4th December 2019

The Cursed Key http://bit.ly/33QB0A4+
Black Sunday at Eagle Springs http://bit.ly/2rW0FKm+
Taken by a Dragon http://bit.ly/2RhFvRA+
10 Stylish Handbag Patterns for Crochet: A trendy collection of easy-to-make crochet bags http://bit.ly/367axQf+
Who Will Hold Me http://bit.ly/2PcR2z5+

3rd December 2019

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa: A Shifter Christmas Romance, Book 1 http://bit.ly/385exCH+
Crimson http://bit.ly/34L5uVJ+
Dare To Live Greatly http://bit.ly/33L4b7V+
Tides of Desire http://bit.ly/2PcdPuG+
A Christmas Arrangement, A Cinnamon Bay Christmas Novella http://bit.ly/2qkMT3M+

2nd December 2019

Someone To Kiss My Scars http://bit.ly/2sF9itv+
Resillient http://bit.ly/2LfLPoT+
The Winter Wizard Chronicles http://bit.ly/33H6FEa+
Modern Knights Box Set http://bit.ly/2LfXQux+
Remnant http://bit.ly/2Lf1a9w+
The Heisenberg Corollary http://bit.ly/33HLguD+
LinkedIn Riches http://bit.ly/2Rbfjbt+

1st December 2019

Errant Gods http://bit.ly/2Y2oDjk+
Remnants of Ash http://bit.ly/2q8cE7a+
Dare To Live Greatly http://bit.ly/37YfrAT+
Teach Me New Tricks http://bit.ly/2RcqMaD+
Forced to Bloom, Book 2 http://bit.ly/2P4kneW+
Gilded Rose http://bit.ly/2rIOFfr+
Zar: Book One in the Galaxy Gladiators Alien Abduction Series http://bit.ly/34E2w5d+
Don’t Forget to Chew Your Food! http://bit.ly/2P5Hjur+
Lead With V.I.V.A http://bit.ly/2rHKikM+

30th November 2019

Black Sunday at Eagle Springs http://bit.ly/33tKHo4+
The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962 http://bit.ly/33xks04+
A Darker Shade of Sorcery http://bit.ly/2DvjfM3+
Love in Hiding http://bit.ly/35Pgwco+
Tempting A Marquess http://bit.ly/33BwLbJ+
A Perfect Confluence http://bit.ly/34BHMeq+

29th November 2019

Glitch http://bit.ly/2rzK534+
Who Will Hold Me?: A Single Mother’s Memoir of Self-Love, Empowerment and Freedom http://bit.ly/2OUlmhK+
Alice Worth Box Set http://bit.ly/2XYb5Fq+
Blood and Darkness Box Set http://bit.ly/37MchjI+
The Christmas Gift: A Caversham Chronicles Novella http://bit.ly/33DvSzu+
A June Wedding http://bit.ly/35MQYfY+
Killing The Girl http://bit.ly/2L5YBq2+
The Tiger in the Yard http://bit.ly/37LMR5X+