26th April 2017

Prowlers & Growlers: A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Collection http://bit.ly/2kjc3Yf+
The Dark Season Saga http://bit.ly/2p4j9Vs+
Cursed City http://bit.ly/2oMB8wW+
The Relic of Lemuria http://bit.ly/2fezVMy+
MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror http://bit.ly/2oMH0X9+
Devil in the Countryside http://bit.ly/2nLzQB5+
Feels Like the First Time http://bit.ly/2q6iEIX+
Captured by Love Books 1-3 (The Unwilling Executive, The Unyielding Bachelor, The Undercover Playboy) http://bit.ly/2pzRvRF+
Rough Hard Fierce http://bit.ly/1GrJCv9+
Guardian of the Grail http://bit.ly/2pj1kAf+
Zombie Ocean Box Set: Books 1-3 (The Last, The Lost, The Least) http://bit.ly/1SVF0SV+
Condemned http://bit.ly/2qfker7+
Phantom Limb http://bit.ly/2kJryfc+

25th April 2017

Destruction http://bit.ly/2qaQgo0+
Hook http://bit.ly/2q2Fsw5+
Hers to Take (Loving Your Enemy, #1) http://bit.ly/2i06kIb+
Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet http://bit.ly/2pdjPIx+
Vengeance http://bit.ly/2os4IvC+
The Necromancer’s Prey http://bit.ly/2oGKhWN+
A Dragon’s Destiny http://bit.ly/2eUBHR1+

24th April 2017

Rise of the Six http://bit.ly/1UamyH5+
The White Tower (The Aldoran Chronicles: Book 1) http://bit.ly/2pXnc7i+
Dark Descent http://bit.ly/2q72DBJ+
Whom the Gods Love http://bit.ly/2pWolZI+
The Strange Case at Misty Ridge http://bit.ly/2q72ezf+
The Haunting of Ashburn House http://bit.ly/2pdlVrU+
The Death of Distant Stars, A Legal Thriller http://bit.ly/2fRrFAN+
Devil Hour http://bit.ly/2oE5stH+
Make Me Forget http://bit.ly/1sk5us8+
Unfinished Night: The Complete Duet http://bit.ly/2pdjPIx+
One Hot Daddy: A Single Dad Next Door Romance http://bit.ly/2pXNfv0+
The Rest of Forever http://bit.ly/2oDUYcL+
Snowball’s Chance: a Harper’s Mill YA Romance http://bit.ly/2onxcq6+

23rd April 2017

Beyond the Forest http://bit.ly/2palBu3+
As We Fight: A Weekly Guide Through the Warfare of Worship http://bit.ly/2p6MyN6+
Crave Me http://bit.ly/2p6AQSC+
Not So Fragile http://bit.ly/2pmmcJZ+
The Shifter’s Detective http://bit.ly/2pUhbZ0+

22nd April 2017

Our Lady of Joy http://bit.ly/2oeQttM+
Hell to Pay http://bit.ly/2q1jhT5+
For Love of the Phantom http://bit.ly/2owmOIL+
Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love http://bit.ly/2p6iZwT+
Rock Hard Fake Groom http://bit.ly/2oz4A8O+
The Key: Project Enterprise 1 http://bit.ly/2pPVVn6+

21st April 2017

WICKEDLY THEY COME http://bit.ly/2kgpSsM+
VENGEANCE BE MINE http://bit.ly/2pZHObp+
CADE http://bit.ly/2o5QjSv+
In Her Own Way: Love and life between wars http://bit.ly/2oSoRcP+
Wedding Dreams http://bit.ly/2oy5hPw+
Bad War http://bit.ly/2oZQcIq+
Dirty Bounty http://bit.ly/2pZRDFV+
Shades of Werewolf http://bit.ly/2pNrY70+
The Dragon’s Love Affair http://bit.ly/2pNrYUy+
Extinction Reversed http://bit.ly/2pZRF0v+
Walking Through Quicksand http://bit.ly/2nOhNtO+
EXOTIQA http://bit.ly/2lNgvSI+
Slumbering (Book 1 of the Starlight Chronicles) http://bit.ly/1NiF0te+
The Way of The Fairy Godmother http://bit.ly/28QE5at+

20th April 2017

The Awakening (Book 1) http://bit.ly/2oqW907+
The Dangerous Summer of Jesse Turner http://bit.ly/2pHN7PX+
Brewing Boys http://bit.ly/2oqJni9+
Laura & Mike http://bit.ly/2oBQzIC+
How To Pleasure A Playboy http://bit.ly/2pHAmF9+
Auctioned http://bit.ly/2pWqGTT+
Love in the Time of Zombies http://bit.ly/1UW1f1n+
Grey Daze http://bit.ly/2oODZbg+
The Gatekeeper’s Trilogy http://bit.ly/28L6Kua+
Shearwater (an epic fantasy mermaid romance) http://bit.ly/2oqQbw7+

19th April 2017

The Beast of London http://bit.ly/2oL3w4N+
Apprentice http://bit.ly/2pAS8dc+
Shadowlith http://bit.ly/2oJPijf+
No Perfect Destiny http://bit.ly/1MszZRC+
Beneath the Secrets http://bit.ly/2orFMzt+
The Ballerina & The Fighter http://bit.ly/2g6gGXn+
Change http://bit.ly/2omw7uW+
Gods & Mortals http://bit.ly/1y3or41+
Transformed: San Francisco http://bit.ly/2ehZJIC+
Blue Charlie Foxtrot http://bit.ly/2orNSYU+
Dark Siren http://bit.ly/2j17e4g+

18th April 2017

Myths & Legends: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Boxed Set Collection http://bit.ly/2ju8Bw0+
Dream’s Dark Flight http://bit.ly/2okf0K2+
Wanna-be’s http://bit.ly/2nZXMFB+
Knights of the Dawn http://bit.ly/2oJrnAA+
Mayhem on Nightingale Street http://bit.ly/2pejqpP+
Hexed http://bit.ly/2opR0Ep+
Midnight Heat (Black Phoenix #2) http://bit.ly/2okvfXs+
Her Fever For Him http://bit.ly/2pwvvGB+
Altercation http://bit.ly/2oS1EI2+
The Empress of Mysth 1: Angel’s Lust http://bit.ly/2aumvYf+
State of Grace http://bit.ly/2gHY3YL+
Waking the Dragon http://bit.ly/23OnoE3+
Allies and Enemies: Fallen http://bit.ly/1THXCr8+
Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller: Book 3 http://bit.ly/2pP2McO+
Never Say Die: A Zombie Time Loop Story http://bit.ly/2opIG7N+
Shadowlith http://bit.ly/2oJPijf+
Sensation: A Superhero Novel http://bit.ly/2peifae+

17th April 2017

Cade’s Redemption http://bit.ly/2omGQo4+
In the Company of the Dead http://bit.ly/2pITCP3+
The New Devil http://bit.ly/2gGGTrX+
Millie’s Angel http://bit.ly/2ojP7ed+
Cold December http://bit.ly/2ohNtJ6+
Getting Lucky http://bit.ly/2ohLJzT+
The Traveller http://bit.ly/2pITxL0+
The Sure Thing http://bit.ly/2pttJU5+
Blood Moon http://bit.ly/2oFMGUU+
The Wild Hunt http://bit.ly/2nV1IYq+
Time Burrito http://bit.ly/2ohLPHL+
Dreams Defiled http://bit.ly/2ptuD2U+
The Institution http://bit.ly/2oPlqE1+
Flight of the Tarantula Hawk http://bit.ly/2oDN2d6+
Rise of Order http://bit.ly/2nUUIKS+