22nd May 2019

Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water http://bit.ly/2DZh04K+
Nanny for the Billionaire http://bit.ly/2Eox4N2+
Marriage Mistake http://bit.ly/2EkspMj+

21st May 2019

The Billionaire Affair http://bit.ly/2y0FvKy+
Wolf of the Tesseract http://bit.ly/2VEpyU3+
Apple Die http://bit.ly/2CFF7nZ+

20th May 2019

Deliverance from Stupidparty Land: How to Eradicate the Destructive Forces Destroying American Democracy http://bit.ly/2WPyXcW+

19th May 2019

Death Wish http://bit.ly/2HrY2Wf+
Dangling…Participle! http://bit.ly/2JYpAnV+
Accidentally In Love http://bit.ly/2JLaPoe+

18th May 2019

The Outing: A Gay Christian’s Journey Towards Self-Acceptance http://bit.ly/2M4mgKC+
Noble and Strong http://bit.ly/2Ht164t+
Between The Sheets http://bit.ly/2VO8mjV+
Crossing the Line http://bit.ly/2HzLv1I+

17th May 2019

Super Humans http://bit.ly/2VLq7R3+
A Lady in Name http://bit.ly/2JMDUzy+
Beyond McCarron’s Corner http://bit.ly/2VzgCzt+
Alpah’s Temptation http://bit.ly/2w91G0A+

16th May 2019

Jess, Rising: Guardians of Salt Creek Book 1 http://bit.ly/2YqfkZs+
Well Hung http://bit.ly/2Q8aBIN+
One Shot At Love http://bit.ly/2T6d6vY+
Best Friend’s Li’l Sis http://bit.ly/2XMG8D0+
Self-Publishing Fast Track: 7 Easy Steps to Write Your First Book and Share Your Story http://bit.ly/2YE4LCj+

15th May 2019

Killstreak: Respawn http://bit.ly/2Q1je8b+
Warrior of Darkness, Dark Hunter http://bit.ly/2HttYrS+

14th May 2019

Wolf Hollow http://bit.ly/2JExqmi+
Deuces Wild Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2HnHn4K+
Risky Magic http://bit.ly/2JjxFUw+
Love or Land http://bit.ly/2JEJ4ha+
Broken Realms (Broken Realms, Book 1) http://bit.ly/1D5dUTZ+

13th May 2019

Love’s Delight: Ravencross Romance Suspense http://bit.ly/2WFakzv+