23rd April 2018

Gaebrel’s Gamble http://bit.ly/2F9bvxE+
Crow’s Meal http://bit.ly/2HlQJAQ+
Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits http://bit.ly/2qUkMo6+
Going Down http://bit.ly/2HKnveg+
Mated to Four Werebears http://bit.ly/2JgNYgG+
Extinction Reversed http://bit.ly/2pZRF0v+
Lonesome Skye http://bit.ly/2K85bdI+

22nd April 2018

Arousing Sexual Poetry http://bit.ly/2vf1Juq+
The Andor http://bit.ly/2HjViM5+
Legacy of Dolyn – Volume 1 http://bit.ly/2HlHX63+
Single Dad’s Spring Break http://bit.ly/2HdOzmQ+
Compulsive Living to Conscious Living http://bit.ly/2JiytoB+

21st April 2018

Black Sunshine http://bit.ly/2JkUsLp+
Love and Fear http://bit.ly/2vz6U8E+
The Forbidden Dragon Baby http://bit.ly/2HpPixu+

20th April 2018

The Red http://bit.ly/2HKHO8Z+
Single Dad’s Spring Break http://bit.ly/2HdOzmQ+
Blaike: Secrets Gone Askew http://bit.ly/2HidT7f+
Royal Affair http://bit.ly/2qOs1hg+
Brennus (Immortal Highlander, Clan Skaraven Book 1) http://bit.ly/2HCn2se+
Top Choice http://bit.ly/2Ha3zSS+

19th April 2018

The Mystery of Julia Episcopa http://bit.ly/2DGBrVo+
Leona’s Last Resort http://bit.ly/2HGlNrS+
Creek Crisis http://bit.ly/2qH5OSu+
When Butterflies Cry http://bit.ly/2JWEacX+
Hard Rock Crush http://bit.ly/2JV47K5+
In a Perfect World http://bit.ly/2Jaj4GD+
Because I Love You: A Brother’s Best Friend Romance http://bit.ly/2HKiiRi+
Eye of the Colossus http://bit.ly/2HuhUJ0+
Top Choice http://bit.ly/2Ha3zSS+

18th April 2018

Claiming Their Slave (Barbarian Mates Book 3) http://bit.ly/2J5XG5z+
Errol Amberdane http://bit.ly/2JRNbDY+
Chasing The Dead http://bit.ly/2HcpPr7+
Unforgettable Suspense http://bit.ly/2H7Dow6+
Heartbreak http://bit.ly/1O0iHug+
A Chance Encounter http://bit.ly/2H87Cin+
Five Days in May http://bit.ly/2H9fTml+

17th April 2018

Scandalous in a Kilt http://bit.ly/2EQPkvX+
Riding With The MC http://bit.ly/2ETAOUg+
And Then She Was Gone http://bit.ly/2cIAnmJ+
The Astoundingly Persuasive Argument from Human Behavior http://bit.ly/2HsR4Rz+
The Deal Breaker http://bit.ly/2JTuMqH+
Ghosts of Cortanis http://bit.ly/2vCm1wb+
Dance with the Enemy http://bit.ly/2qDz908+
Dark and Deadly: A Lavish Triple Play http://bit.ly/2JSIQ3B+
Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall http://bit.ly/2qCiLgW+

16th March 2018

Freedom http://bit.ly/2H2jx1b+
Salem Burning http://bit.ly/2HtGl9G+
Fashionably Dead http://bit.ly/1I7xxxm+
Void Strikers http://bit.ly/2HpQh3Y+

15th April 2018

Blood and Ash http://bit.ly/2jgCWO4+
Hustler http://bit.ly/2IS01Rr+

14th April 2018

The Flying Frog and the Chase after the Robbers http://bit.ly/2JHyVxw+
Breaking Free http://bit.ly/2EI7yQp+
The Marriage Pact: A Baby Romance http://bit.ly/2GWkND3+
Rare Blood (The Miranda Chronicles Book 1) http://bit.ly/2IWsPIH+
Erebus http://bit.ly/2xG1o37+
Unreal http://bit.ly/2GYuhtW+