13th December 2018

Depth Charge http://bit.ly/2ryxk5p+
The Athlete’s Homecoming http://bit.ly/2LdBkS1+
Beast http://bit.ly/2GeaZnL+
Fringe Runner http://bit.ly/2LfvkId+
Hell Bent http://bit.ly/2AYYJVM+

12th December 2018

Watchers of the Veil http://bit.ly/2C8gAYO+
Fate’s Fables Collection: One Girl’s Journey Through 8 Unfortunate Fairy Tales http://bit.ly/2wOUXZU+
Heaven to Betsy http://bit.ly/2BieVhA+
Christmas with a Colorado Cowboy http://bit.ly/2UCQOTL+
Money Can’t Buy Love 1 http://bit.ly/2C7nu0x+
Shardai http://bit.ly/2QudqYi+

11th December 2018

Marigold’s Tale http://bit.ly/2UwLmSk+
Leaves of the Linden Tree http://bit.ly/2BbvLyE+
The Book of Broken Creatures http://bit.ly/2rwsG8c+
Galactic Blues – Episode 1 http://bit.ly/2Px7AQk+

10th December 2018

Through My Eyes: The USA http://bit.ly/2C1Vdsc+
From Frights to Flaws, 2nd Edition http://bit.ly/2PrKv1r+
After http://bit.ly/2PulLWt+
Eamonn’s Tale http://bit.ly/2EboPEU+

9th December 2018

The Golden Dragon http://bit.ly/2BYXiVR+
BONER the Barbarian ONLINE XIII: Level DOOFUS http://bit.ly/2rrxU4S+

8th December 2018

Look Into My Eyes: Asperger’s, Hypnosis and Me http://bit.ly/2B2lcy1+
The Story That Had No Beginning http://bit.ly/2rrxr2P+
MANUS DEI: Harbinger: Book One of the Khamsa Chronicles http://bit.ly/2QhNe2M+
Stone Obsession http://bit.ly/2BXrSPo+
Burning Up http://bit.ly/2Uv0q2G+
Coroner to Coroner http://bit.ly/2E6LAKi+

7th December 2018

Quintessential Reality http://bit.ly/2PnBkiB+
Frieda’s Cookies http://bit.ly/2QHQFz6+
TIES IN TIME http://bit.ly/2BXSU9H+
Unforgettable Thrills http://bit.ly/2QI34Di+
Breakaway http://bit.ly/2QfT4Sg+
Take My Time http://bit.ly/2KYS5i2+
Janus 2 http://bit.ly/2BVdK9w+

6th December 2018

Baby Maker http://bit.ly/2BTCQpp+
King of Diamonds http://bit.ly/2BUgunu+
My Last Love Affair http://bit.ly/2E8JFVF+
Double Trouble http://bit.ly/2Pmsou0+
The Little Tragedy http://bit.ly/2G0snfP+
Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced http://bit.ly/2L6Svol+
I Fall Apart http://bit.ly/2EhhS6g+

5th December 2018

Playing Dirty http://bit.ly/2BSIlEI+
Loveable Christmas Angel http://bit.ly/2Pl6A1L+
His Power Over Me http://bit.ly/2FYay0V+
Daisy’s Run http://bit.ly/2PlWXje+
Sunset http://bit.ly/2KVaQEw+

4th December 2018

Foundation Focus Freedom: The 3 STEP PROCESS for Transforming your Mindset, Overcoming your Fears and Harnessing Unimaginable Success http://bit.ly/2ANoHYV+
Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes http://bit.ly/2UebUYf+
My Winter Wolf http://bit.ly/2G0h0o6+
Rite to Reign http://bit.ly/2PO3cNI+
Kissed by a Demon http://bit.ly/2PhPYYL+
Stray Ally http://bit.ly/2DXUJVs+
Where Do The Children Play? http://bit.ly/2UgVRsG+