19th March 2019

The Devil I Know: A Dark Paranormal Romance http://bit.ly/2TWdzEI+
The Prison http://bit.ly/2Cryqpg+
Faithfully Focused http://bit.ly/2HuVx6M+

18th March 2019

Chosen http://bit.ly/2XJcShd+
Stay The Night http://bit.ly/2Y6h1vC+
The Songbird and the Secret http://bit.ly/2ThbONS+
Accidental Kiss http://bit.ly/2CpKPdr+
Unshakable Self-Confidence: Your Clear Path To Confidence, So You Can Believe In Yourself, Achieve Your Goals, And Enjoy Your Life http://bit.ly/2mdKbaS+

17th March 2019

The Breathing Sea I: Burning http://bit.ly/2ucubJP+
Spirited Sweets Mystery http://bit.ly/2HDubKX+
Unexpected World http://bit.ly/2CoOgRT+
The Saudi-Iranian War http://bit.ly/2UFcTkn+
ARV-3 (The After Light Saga Book One) http://bit.ly/2F9LHDA+

16th March 2019

The Elvish Prophecy http://bit.ly/2eSADyN+
Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water http://bit.ly/2DZh04K+
Ardent Redux Saga: The Complete First Season: Episodes 1 – 5 http://bit.ly/2FhF6bI+

15th March 2019

Bitten http://bit.ly/2T5UV8N+
Junkyard Druid http://bit.ly/2Nci6g7+
Reclamation: Ceiba Pentandra (Series 1-3) http://bit.ly/2CmGzvv+
Midnight Tales http://bit.ly/2TQfmuY+

14th March 2019

Shadows and Sorcery http://bit.ly/2T68tkD+
The Amish Twins http://bit.ly/2CkU5iZ+
The Significance of Moving ON http://bit.ly/2XUQrFM+

13th March 2019

Forbidden: An Alex Conner Chronicles Novella http://bit.ly/2QrD2kF+
Cursed Lands http://bit.ly/2HAta66+
Professor on the Prowl http://bit.ly/2NZWiFa+
Auctioned http://bit.ly/2TDy2hB+
Demon Ember http://bit.ly/2O55Fne+
Fractures http://bit.ly/2Fbhy8l+

12th March 2019

Vineyard Vengeance http://bit.ly/2TuyyPA+
Modern Fairy Tale: Twelve Books of Breathtaking Romance http://bit.ly/2Ck9iRr+
Where Fools Dare to Tread http://bit.ly/2HgOA9j+
On His Six http://bit.ly/2VTgefS+
Daddy http://bit.ly/2Xo814V+
Come with Me http://bit.ly/2TvsQNu+
Inspired by Art: Rise to Power http://bit.ly/2r7loql+

11th March 2019

The Reluctant Hero http://bit.ly/2XN4hKt+
On the Other Side of Lust http://bit.ly/2C6waX6+
Savant, Feral & Seer: The First 3 Books in the Luminether Epic Fantasy Series http://bit.ly/2JjrBML+
The Ugly Post – A City of Angels Romance http://bit.ly/2VQ5nD7+
Starshine (Aurora Rising Book One) http://bit.ly/2HDthLr+
The Hallucigenia Project http://bit.ly/2XPAYHa+
Turning of the Hourglass http://bit.ly/2EPyqjA+

10th March 2019

Murphy’s Luck http://bit.ly/1iAonBM+
Amy King Cozy Mysteries http://bit.ly/2GGl6lM+
Good Luck Charm: A Single Mother Romance http://bit.ly/2HpvYTN+