23rd January 2020

The Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump http://bit.ly/30LVVVj+
Wicked Magic http://bit.ly/3ayyxiB+
The Wild Hunt http://bit.ly/36k4yaJ+
Fear Justice http://bit.ly/37mcdXl+

22nd January 2020

One Helluva Bad Time: The Complete Bad Times Series http://bit.ly/36cZ2Xb+
Return of the Dwarf King http://bit.ly/37kyPYb+
Not This Widow http://bit.ly/3awk4DD+
Silvertip Shifters Books 1-4 http://bit.ly/37hFHWr+

21st January 2020

Shock Me: A Limited Edition Collection of the Novels Shock Me, Sparks, and Collide http://bit.ly/36kkkCB+
My Best Friend’s Ex http://bit.ly/3auUNK7+
Dead Witch http://bit.ly/2RBjJXI+
A Perfect Mess http://bit.ly/36gk0oi+
Mustang River http://bit.ly/3axAtb2+

20th January 2020

The Bad Company http://bit.ly/2G8dy8k+
Diamonds and Lies http://bit.ly/379WMBy+
Leave Me Breathless: The Black Rose Collection http://bit.ly/3avIexZ+
DEEPER: A Friends with Benefits Sweet Steamy Romance (Evergreen Hotel Romance Book 4) http://bit.ly/2TNr5d8+
Captive Monster: Blood Moon Academy Book 1 http://bit.ly/2TH92ph+
Innovate and Win: 90 Days To Better Marketing Performance http://bit.ly/377vn33+

19th January 2020

Mountain Men of Liberty http://bit.ly/2R8ZUYB+
Fianna’s Awakening http://bit.ly/2NHKeJN+
Mystic Awakening http://bit.ly/361wgJa+

18th January 2020

The Necklace – The Dusky Club, June 1962 http://bit.ly/30CxbhZ+
Black Sunday at Eagle Springs http://bit.ly/2Rw5pQ6+
ONLY THE DEAD DON’T DIE: An Apocalyptic Saga http://bit.ly/2THH0dj+
The Witching Hour Box Set: The Complete Collection (Books 1-5) http://bit.ly/2uWPfaN+
Mariah: Blood of the New Moon http://bit.ly/2RuWnmA+
White Oaks http://bit.ly/2udQWQM+

17th January 2020

Almost Perfect http://bit.ly/3ambmaP+
Enlightened http://bit.ly/374QB1o+
Claimed by the Martian Triad http://bit.ly/30sgPbO+
Last of the Nighthawks http://bit.ly/38cS8Tp+
The Deranged http://bit.ly/3agnIRY+

16th January 2020

The Cursed Key http://bit.ly/38gkV9M+
Now Or Never http://bit.ly/38dLQD4+
Coven of Secrets http://bit.ly/2QWzd9s+
Zero Percenters http://bit.ly/35Xy5a1+
America: The Series http://bit.ly/2FSLPIs+

14th January 2020

The Magic Compass http://bit.ly/2TkPeI1+
Blood Bound http://bit.ly/2RbPK8w+
Fae Curse http://bit.ly/2t88w8Y+
The Second Korean War http://bit.ly/30mxxZS+
Mind Tricks: 31 Mind-Blowing Ways To Get Ahead, Persuade Others And Get More From Life http://bit.ly/2NmRhYc+