16th August 2019

The Vigilante Chronicles Omnibus http://bit.ly/2P00oBw+
The Seer’s Daughter http://bit.ly/2KS22j6+
Dragon’s Heart: Story of the Brethren http://bit.ly/33Dnzop+
Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike http://bit.ly/31JFTud+
The Thunder Rolls http://bit.ly/2YNiF9s+
Lacy Hart’s Single Dad Romance Collection http://bit.ly/33Arv9m+
The Royal Court Anthology http://bit.ly/2KPQoW8+
How to Kill a Street Rat http://bit.ly/2TEOMCl+

15th August 2019

Enthralled http://bit.ly/2Z4WZ4a+
We Three http://bit.ly/3065CfS+
Tough Love http://bit.ly/2TBxMgn+
Enthralled http://bit.ly/2KJYZJO+
Atlanta’s Angel http://bit.ly/2Z4X1ci+

14th August 2019

The Phoenix Grail http://bit.ly/2Z5ls9s+
Then There Was You http://bit.ly/2OTrOJb+
Love’s Magic http://bit.ly/2Z3mkeP+

13th August 2019

Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success http://bit.ly/2Z1Zy6I+
Burning with Desire http://bit.ly/2yVBasZ+
Best Friend’s Daddy http://bit.ly/2OW5gHI+

12th August 2019

The Raider and the Rapier 1: Graveyard Gods http://bit.ly/33s8E0e+
Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set http://bit.ly/31BSAr5+
Getting Lucky Book 1 http://bit.ly/2Mdaz3i+
The Enchanted Crossroads http://bit.ly/2YXn5K7+

11th August 2019

The Sexorcist http://bit.ly/303aeDP+
A Predator and A Psychopath: A Dark and Twisted Psychological Thriller http://bit.ly/2OOSJpv+

10th August 2019

The Tarkington Treasure http://bit.ly/2YVa97Q+
Unexpected Baby http://bit.ly/2ZTIbq5+
Beyond All War http://bit.ly/2YHncKu+

9th August 2019

The Second Dark Ages Complete Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2yQgUsE+
Hot Greek Protector http://bit.ly/2KzPY6c+
The King’s Regret http://bit.ly/2KqyJp2+

8th August 2019

Feared by Hell http://bit.ly/2MPQSOy+
The Arcav King’s Mate: Sci Fi Alien Romance Book 1 http://bit.ly/2KooxgL+
Special Agent Rylee http://bit.ly/2YRGd8y+
My Favorite Mistake http://bit.ly/2M63PEv+
Voodoo on the Bayou http://bit.ly/2yKcHqH+

7th August 2019

The Dragon Wakes http://bit.ly/2YSYpCu+
The Farmer and the Scientist http://bit.ly/2OJSEn0+
Becoming Human http://bit.ly/33esA6N+