10th December 2017

Midnight Lovers http://bit.ly/2C0kj8N+
Vampire Manor http://bit.ly/2ziWBpZ+
Esme’s Wish¬† http://bit.ly/2ycP4UZ+
Sketches of a Black Cat: Story of a night flying WWII pilot and artist http://bit.ly/2BczqyS+
100 Popular Gratitude and Motivational Quotes http://bit.ly/2B0F3jt+

9th December 2017

The Fourth Element Trilogy: Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2BnLv4g+
The Lone Dragon Knight http://bit.ly/2yTDtNS+
The Elvish Prophecy http://bit.ly/2eSADyN+
Dragon Birth http://bit.ly/2iL6wuo+
6 Mountain Brothers for Christmas http://bit.ly/2kcHd4G+
Alpha’s Challenge http://bit.ly/2jewpXh+

8th December 2017

The World Walker http://bit.ly/2Bhaciz+
Jack Frost: A Holiday Romance http://bit.ly/2Bh1lh7+
When Love Takes Over http://bit.ly/2nH2o41+
Edge of Disaster http://bit.ly/2jwdTqc+
PATRIOTS: Book One http://bit.ly/2kDa6Ld+

7th December 2017

The Gaslight Gunslinger: Book One of Matthew Slade http://bit.ly/2ccEpkO+
Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1) http://bit.ly/1vps6HP+
CHOOPICK – A tale of a little snail http://bit.ly/2kubr78+
War of the Black Tower: Part One http://bit.ly/1uU4QPX+
Dawning Ascent http://bit.ly/2BdeveL+
Sketches of a Black Cat: Story of a night flying WWII pilot and artist http://bit.ly/2BczqyS+
Rocky Mountain Heat http://bit.ly/2tC3csw+
Touch of Fondness http://bit.ly/2Bbe2tT+
Locked http://bit.ly/2BGOild+
The Noble Throne http://bit.ly/2kq2uf3+
The Genesis Conspiracy http://bit.ly/2zYfF9I+
Complete a Year of College for Less Than $500 http://bit.ly/2zWwz8P+

6th December 2017

The Tegen Cave http://bit.ly/1v7aMVU+
Vampire Finding Love http://bit.ly/2jkgCDe+
Dead Drift (Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series) http://bit.ly/2AyDXu2+
Holidays Ever After: Contemporary Romance Holiday Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2AdpVzo+
Sick to Death http://bit.ly/2BFbW1x+

5th December 2017

The Show http://bit.ly/10LcDUM+
Blood and Ash http://bit.ly/2jgCWO4+
Tale of the Music-Thief http://bit.ly/2AuJL7Q+
Tegen Justice http://bit.ly/2knmH58+
A Chill Wind: A Cowgirls in Time Romance #1 http://bit.ly/1Xva5Bc+
Sweet Perdition http://bit.ly/1OqG0xl+
The Christmas Surprise: A Billionaire Single Daddy Romance http://bit.ly/2Bzir5G+
Star Rebels: Stories of Space Exploration, Alien Races, and Adventure http://bit.ly/2rc11uw+
The Girl in the City http://bit.ly/1NOST8i+
The Infinet http://bit.ly/2krxewk+
Unlocking the Cage: Exploring the Motivations of MMA Fighters http://bit.ly/2imaCJb+

4th December 2017

Wild World http://bit.ly/2AMKSR1+
NeverSea http://bit.ly/2nq24Xe+
Drawing Dead (Dana McIntyre Must Die, Book 1) http://bit.ly/2i6k8zR+
They Tell Me You Are Wicked http://bit.ly/2gyE5jH+
Forbidden Fruit http://bit.ly/2AVKwrN+
The Youngest Billionaire: Covington Billionaires Book 2 (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) http://bit.ly/2ihMfw8+
Kisses for Christmas: A Holiday Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2i9N6PH+
Circle of Blood Book 1: Lover’s Rebirth http://bit.ly/2nnIJ96+
The Gargoyle & Sorceress Tales http://bit.ly/2ifJaMZ+
Playing Dead http://bit.ly/2AuOQeu+

3rd December 2017

The Descent to Madness http://bit.ly/2AFRrF8+
Will to Live (A Detective Kay Hunter crime thriller) http://bit.ly/2jboxCL+
All These Things: Maya Invictus http://bit.ly/2zMYGqM+
Black Mercy http://bit.ly/2Amrk5n+
Yoga for Three http://bit.ly/2zKbRce+
Interview with the Dom http://bit.ly/2ibebSl+
Shifters under the Mistletoe http://bit.ly/2noC5zp+
The Keatyn Chronicles: Books 1-4 http://bit.ly/2AFQ894+

2nd December 2017

Dragon Shadow http://bit.ly/2ApnKpc+
Magic Runes http://bit.ly/2zXk4hp+
The Last Light Series: Omnibus 1 http://bit.ly/2ABaQqH+
The Knacker http://bit.ly/2zVN8pv+
Bedroom Billionaire http://bit.ly/2BDiTki+
Billionaire Baby Maker: A Billionaire’s Baby Romance¬† http://bit.ly/2i14mq5+
The Last July http://bit.ly/2w7q80C+
Blade: Revant Warrirs http://bit.ly/2BvKYci+
Erebus http://bit.ly/2zYkuEo+
Implicit: Soul Invictus http://bit.ly/2APhQka+
The Last July http://bit.ly/2w7q80C+

1st December 2017

The Last Temptations of Iago Wick http://bit.ly/2lHOhd9+
Freeing Jasper – A Black Ops Romance http://bit.ly/2j4MKL2+
Coming Together http://bit.ly/2zDWRwr+
Stepbrother for Christmas http://bit.ly/2BCZP5Y+
Dragon Rebel http://bit.ly/2Az3Lqm+
ENTITY – Alien Abduction Sci Fi Romance http://bit.ly/2nlYLA8+
The Mortal Falls http://bit.ly/2oDtkA0+
A Crowd of Stars http://bit.ly/2Ax3ZhP+
Under Dark Skies – The NightShade Forensic Files book 1 http://bit.ly/2epzRIJ+