18th April 2019

Rite of the Warlock http://bit.ly/2XomM6C+
State of Grace http://bit.ly/2gHY3YL+
Deadly Dancing http://bit.ly/2Pgi601+
The Whisper of a Saint http://bit.ly/2DiBMLK+
The Virgin Club http://bit.ly/2PlqiMA+
Forbidden Desires http://bit.ly/2V6NDGV+

17th April 2019

Mortality Bites – Boxed Set (Books 1 – 6): An Urban Fantasy Epic Adventure  http://bit.ly/2KL1lLR+
Sweet and Sassy Cinderella http://bit.ly/2PcLCDV+
Claiming His Easter Bunny http://bit.ly/2V3pJfD+
Forgotten Bodyguard Book 1 http://bit.ly/2ICP6OL+
A Mate’s Denial http://bit.ly/2DjLsWr+
Feed 1-4 http://bit.ly/2Ujz4vn+

16th April 2019

Unstoppable Liv Beaufont Boxed Set One: The Rebellious Sister, The Uncooperative Warrior, The Defiant Magician, The Triumphant Daughter http://bit.ly/2IAtQsJ+
Nocturne http://bit.ly/2vZNius+
The Wild Hunt http://bit.ly/2nV1IYq+
Witching Hour Wicked Elements http://bit.ly/2VP2K51+
Owen http://bit.ly/2Pe6R8i+
Dear Baby Daddy http://bit.ly/2ZcLGrM+
Illusion http://bit.ly/2whoePE+
The Travel Mate http://bit.ly/2N5BfE9+
Tokyo Firewall http://bit.ly/2V1LegB+
Career by Design: A Career Guide to Help Students, Veterans, & Career-Changers Find Their Dream Job and Succeed Once They Find It! http://bit.ly/2KJ9ccJ+

15th April 2019

Mr. Gold http://bit.ly/2DcZqJK+
The Colossus Collection http://bit.ly/2v58njE+

14th April 2019

Where Is My Little Elephant? http://bit.ly/2VRGuHy+
Fair Trade For Love http://bit.ly/2IvMDFD+
Sold to the Pack http://bit.ly/2X9yKB9+

13th April 2019

The Touch – A Supernatural Story – Part I http://bit.ly/2v0Jrdn+
Bad Moon Rising http://bit.ly/2Uh5TsS+
Silver Fox http://bit.ly/2Ih3H2Y+
H C T I W (This Book Will Kill You) http://bit.ly/2GbnWvo+

12th April 2019

The Avant Champion: Rising http://bit.ly/2l2sMRp+
All’s Fair in Love and Debauchery http://bit.ly/2VIr8oU+

11th April 2019

Stroking http://bit.ly/WyQDd2+
Shadows and Sorcery http://bit.ly/2T68tkD+
Riding Solo http://bit.ly/2UwvP8I+

10th April 2019

Safe Haven Wolves Box Set 1: Books 1-3, Gabby, Trina, Kate http://bit.ly/2D7k5iu+
Mama’s Gone http://bit.ly/2VBD63I+
The Shadow Prison (The Chosen Chronicles Book 2) http://bit.ly/2uWTpw7+

9th April 2019

The Wrath of Lords http://bit.ly/2Kh0HFw+
Stolen Princess http://bit.ly/2YZcJXy+
The Fortress http://bit.ly/2G8Bzww+
Vortex: Berlin http://bit.ly/2G8XrIi+
The Binding Ties (Blood for Blood Book 2) http://bit.ly/2uV9imU+
Season of Speed http://bit.ly/2Ga6s3S+
Betrayal http://bit.ly/2UI9eoW+