20th August 2018

Secrets and Lies: A Lavish Triple Play http://bit.ly/2N2VX3n+

18th August 2018

Assiyah Rising: Part One (A Novella) http://bit.ly/2L6IHJ5+
The Power of Time Perception http://bit.ly/2qOfnhX+

17th August 2018

Dragon Mount http://bit.ly/2tovhC9+
Connor’s Gambit http://bit.ly/2PgD0eZ+
Morgan is Missing http://bit.ly/2OLpUp6+

16th August 2018

The Witches of Dark Root http://bit.ly/15gcudh+
Uncanny Kingdom (Collected Volume One) http://bit.ly/2MwjE7e+
Son of Soron http://bit.ly/1EUfuxr+
Tokyo Black http://bit.ly/2FdyPw3+
Escapement http://bit.ly/2BqYqTE+
A Pilgrimage to Death http://bit.ly/2L1Tnsl+
In Too Deep http://bit.ly/2MUO1B3+
My Boyfriend’s Dad http://bit.ly/2O1SVfP+
The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb http://bit.ly/2KXFZFS+

15th August 2018

IN HIS KEEPING: TAKEN http://bit.ly/2Ln8kKS+
The Dragon Orb http://bit.ly/2MnelYs+
Angel: Lords of Carnage MC http://bit.ly/2MTijUP+
Billion Dollar Man http://bit.ly/2KYS5i2+
Friends With Benefits http://bit.ly/2nKL7ns+

14th August 2018

We’re All Thieves http://bit.ly/2Mitt8L+
Awaken http://bit.ly/1JaFilD+
The Book of Public Speaking http://bit.ly/2vJIlTZ+
Me: My Biggest Solution http://bit.ly/2KNocRv+

13th August 2018

Game Night http://bit.ly/2nzgCAU+
Fibromyalgia Solved – The True Cause and Treatment Breakthrough for Fibromyalgia http://bit.ly/2MEWxnz+

12th August 2018

The Man Who Lost His Shadow http://bit.ly/2BbSKNA+
Theft at the Speed of Light http://bit.ly/1OOJoal+
Stiff http://bit.ly/2MIfA0B+

11th August 2018

Allied http://bit.ly/2BcPpxN+
Adore http://bit.ly/2nqtWrc+

10th August 2018

Always http://bit.ly/2ntpLuW+
Hell Bent http://bit.ly/2AYYJVM+