18th October 2018

The Gaslight Gunslinger: Book One of Matthew Slade http://bit.ly/2ccEpkO+
The Medusa Files Collection: Books 1, 2, and 3 http://bit.ly/26SVAgO+
Prodigal http://bit.ly/2J5aLNE+

17th October 2018

Message for Murder http://bit.ly/2QYlsVc+
Terror in Boring Town http://bit.ly/2yJpcCe+
Born of Water http://bit.ly/2gWPdnI+
The Medium http://bit.ly/2AfWsmA+

16th October 2018

Blood and fire http://bit.ly/2CkpR0k+
The Mage Chronicles Box Set Book 1-4 http://bit.ly/2CMTU1P+
My Name is Simon (I, Dragon Book 1) http://bit.ly/2Ov7gpG+
No Cage for a Crow http://bit.ly/2yHivAK+
Justin: Fairplay Shifters (A Paranormal Romance Story) http://bit.ly/2OwnRtv+

15th October 2018

The Present is a Gift http://bit.ly/2PRME7b+
His Dragon Queen http://bit.ly/2pSnU3J+
Primordial Threat http://bit.ly/2CLr2a6+

14th October 2018

Sell Smarter http://bit.ly/2PwiNBy+
The Worried Man http://bit.ly/2PwiOp6+

13th October 2018

The Devil’s Poetry http://bit.ly/2Px8qNO+
Greek Millionaire, Unruly Wife http://bit.ly/2oQP1M1+
Noémie’s Journey http://bit.ly/2Dm4I8l+
Of Cinder and Bone http://bit.ly/2yfHJa0+
Edge of Oblivion http://bit.ly/2NGH7zb+
Kernel Panic http://bit.ly/2IUQUk2+
The Year of Four: A Phoebe Pope Novel (Book 1) http://bit.ly/2qZPxqk+
Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook http://bit.ly/2IRSpzt+

12th October 2018

Junkyard Druid http://bit.ly/2Nci6g7+
The Shadow Witch: The Curious Case Files 1 (Shaman States of America) http://bit.ly/2RKMArO+
Curvy Diversion http://bit.ly/2EgVjiQ+
Set the Night on Fire http://bit.ly/2ygVEwr+
The Good Girl’s Guide to Being a Demon http://bit.ly/2OmzTFE+
Black Mesa Wolves Books 1-4 http://bit.ly/2NDJnqD+
Council of Consorts #1 http://bit.ly/2Ef7LzB+

11th October 2018

Love Under Fire http://bit.ly/2Omoc1J+
The Mantle http://bit.ly/2PtVkRF+

10th October 2018

Army of Worn Soles http://bit.ly/2pKlIeA+
All the Broken Pieces http://bit.ly/2LbYxqR+
Battle for Europe http://bit.ly/2ILjLar+

9th October 2018

Cookie LaCroix and the Delectable Donut http://bit.ly/2Ebj4IT+
I, Richard Plantagenet: Loyaulte Me Lie http://bit.ly/2Cx43j7+
Center of Gravity http://bit.ly/2ypApIc+
Rite to Reign http://bit.ly/2PO3cNI+
Into the Jaws of Wolves http://bit.ly/2Pol4Pb+
Two Dogs One Wife http://bit.ly/2OPWkSX+