24th June 2017

Hot Bastard Next Door http://bit.ly/2s7IiwB+
Dirty Boss http://bit.ly/2rO9O2Q+
On Edge http://bit.ly/2t74L1s+
30 Pieces of Silver http://bit.ly/2d8sk19+
The Tonkin Protocol http://bit.ly/2t2Z9oq+
The Firebirds http://bit.ly/2tGAMux+
Unlikely Magic http://bit.ly/2t35yA9+
Zero Debt http://bit.ly/2t7ld1L+
Yoga for You http://bit.ly/2t7uNlo+

23rd June 2017

Redemptions Warrior http://bit.ly/1TKtKcI+
The Dark Expanse – Novella 1 http://bit.ly/2tBjrmJ+
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One http://bit.ly/2sOgZfj+
The Billionaire’s Secret Life http://bit.ly/2tBvUa8+
Puppy Love http://bit.ly/2rYE6E3+
The You I’ve Come To Know http://bit.ly/2tBd2YE+
Icefall: Episodes 1-6 (The Clearsky Chronicles) http://bit.ly/2rJGs5H+

22nd June 2017

Two Wizard Roulette http://bit.ly/2sGFNTM+
The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege of Talonrend http://bit.ly/2rX0opL+
Slow Burn: Box Set 1-2 http://bit.ly/1QjPSJO+
Xanadu Code http://bit.ly/2sZwv8x+
The Genesis of Revelation: Secrets of the Bible Revealed and a Case for Reformation http://bit.ly/2t05jX4+
Filthy SEAL http://bit.ly/2sGtarZ+
Lies on the Riverwalk http://bit.ly/2tU5hwx+
No Limits http://bit.ly/2sGC2h4+
Alpha at Home http://bit.ly/2s0K1nt+
Brainrush http://bit.ly/2baTDsA+
The Unsung Frame http://bit.ly/2sWH7UJ+
Banned (Running Toward Illumia #1) http://bit.ly/2sVZCsr+
Baby Names: 12,000+ Baby Name Meanings & Origins http://bit.ly/2rWNsQR+

21st June 2017

Shattered Worlds http://bit.ly/2qx5XcC+
The Becoming of Ellicia Wayfield http://bit.ly/2aqY7qy+
Wrangling the Cowboy http://bit.ly/2rS1N0O+
Billionaire Ever After http://bit.ly/2tOiKpF+
Deep Breath http://bit.ly/2sqGUsm+
Gypsies After Dark http://bit.ly/2n9wTKX+
Myths and Magic Boxed Set http://bit.ly/2rbtkIP+
Red Gambit http://bit.ly/2ttR7Ts+
The Veil Rising http://bit.ly/2otVHiw+
It’s About Time http://bit.ly/2cNKDZ6+
Fractured Worlds: Ten YA Dystopian Novels http://bit.ly/2sUcS1M+
Edgewood http://bit.ly/2sAGn5x+

20th June 2017

Gypsies After Dark http://bit.ly/2n9wTKX+
Hidden Realms: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Bundle http://bit.ly/2mijhfy+
The Trickster http://bit.ly/2sOfw96+
For Love of Passion http://bit.ly/2ryknXK+
Kol http://bit.ly/2sw7crm+
From the Dark http://bit.ly/2tICA5A+
Scattered Screams: (The Disruption, Book One) http://bit.ly/2tICdIj+
The Battle of Earth http://bit.ly/2sOENzQ+
Married to the Mossad http://bit.ly/2rQp1jf+
DIY Homemade Beauty Products Bundle: Cellulite Remedies, Natural Face Masks, Acne Remedies, Most Effective Sunscreen, Body Lotion, Hair Mask and Face Mask Recipes, Hair Loss Remedies, and more http://bit.ly/2tIWy0a+

19th June 2017

The Greystone Saga Volume One http://bit.ly/2rLSvie+
The Hilarion Connection©, Book One http://bit.ly/2sOgZfj+
Light Up the Night http://bit.ly/2sh4vvj+
Misbehave http://bit.ly/2sOE4ye+
Snapshots of a Billionaire http://bit.ly/2rv0Qr1+
Falling Dark http://bit.ly/2rM9rVF+
Hunter http://bit.ly/2sGu4H3+
Caloric http://bit.ly/2rvaWbk+
Marked http://bit.ly/2rM70Cn+

18th June 2017

Rise http://bit.ly/2tgsIk7+
Baghdad: The Final Gathering http://bit.ly/2sGWK3m+
Love is Purple http://bit.ly/2siRAYq+
Punched http://bit.ly/2rt2Jom+
Riding the Edge of Darkness http://bit.ly/2tyN8UN+
The Last Stryker http://bit.ly/2rtaOcp+
Cursed by the Gods http://bit.ly/2sM19le+

17th June 2017

Justice is Calling http://bit.ly/2tyMu9B+
Marked By Sin http://bit.ly/2sEdKXS+
Blood Renegades http://bit.ly/2rHfLO8+
Kiss & Makeup http://bit.ly/2sBk5m2+
The Rogue http://bit.ly/2sEwXsP+
Line of Fire http://bit.ly/2rracny+
Jagged http://bit.ly/2sByBKF+
Falling Into Drew http://bit.ly/2rHcZZs+
THE DRAGONIAN’S WITCH http://bit.ly/2rCrORy+
The Fury Brides http://bit.ly/2sEfT69+
Erased: A Science Fiction Thriller http://bit.ly/2sJU2tn+
The Librarian http://bit.ly/2sBfIYn+

16th June 2017

The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising http://bit.ly/2tvlQyK+
Extra Mile http://bit.ly/2rEeo2O+
Shadowglade http://bit.ly/2sAwx6F+
Chaos & Class http://bit.ly/2ro1XbU+
Creatures http://bit.ly/2qg1zjb+
Healed by a Dragon http://bit.ly/2sxxxY9+
The Elven Prince’s Kiss http://bit.ly/2tatn6r+
Forbidden Bite http://bit.ly/2rDNmZa+
Vampire Destiny http://bit.ly/2ryOaDR+
The Eye-Dancers http://bit.ly/2ryDrsJ+

15th June 2017

Fire and Fantasy http://bit.ly/2s6gFHA+
Empty Threat http://bit.ly/2t7vU1x+
Immortality Experiment http://bit.ly/2rwmWO1+
The Shifting Of The Wolf http://bit.ly/2suyaSg+
His First His Second http://bit.ly/2rwkI0U+
Sawyer http://bit.ly/2sfQAUR+
A Hollywood Deal (Ryder & Paige #1, Billionaire’s Brides of Convenience) http://bit.ly/2s67BSP+
Twist of Fate: A Summer of Second Chances http://bit.ly/2suny66+
Lure of the Dragon http://bit.ly/2rAWa2h+
Believe http://bit.ly/2trWHVq+
The Leah King Trilogy http://bit.ly/2trU4mr+
When We Fell in Love http://bit.ly/2t77iFU+